The Most Popular Vet Products to Get When Opening a Pet Clinic

Autoclaves and tables are definitely must-haves when setting up a new vet clinic, but there are also many other products that you should buy before opening your new vet practice and start treating pets. The right set of tools and products will help you provide efficient medical care to pet patients and are crucial in providing the ultimate care and services. Here are some of the most important ones to have in your clinic at all times.

wound spray for animals

Wound spray for animals
You will receive pet patients with wounds very often and a wound spray is one of the things you will use most frequently. It contains aluminium powder made specifically for wounds and sensitive skin. It has a protective formula and allows the wound to breathe which is very important for the process of healing. Since wound sprays are typically made for sensitive skin, they are safe to use on most skin types. Most of these vet products for sale are waterproof which makes them great to use on animals that are kept outdoors. The spray can be washed off the wound very easy using only warm soapy water. Besides speeding the process of healing, wound sprays create a protective barrier against micro-organisms, moisture, fungi, and bacteria, while also protecting the affected area from dirt, flies and other insects.


Wrap cohesive bandage
Your clinic will also need high-quality bandages for multiple uses. They should be easy to tear and provide controlled compression. You can find a great variety of these vet products for sale but if you want to provide your pet patients with the best treatment, consider waterproof bandages. Bandages made from breathable and lightweight fabrics are the best choice as they will not affect the comfort of the animal. They come in different sizes and colours and you can buy them either as single pieces or a whole box of different colored wraps.

Antibacterial sunscreen
Another great vet product that your clinic should have is an antiseptic, antibacterial and wound protectant cream with sun protection. These products are typically used on cats, dogs, cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. They offer great protection against the sun on damaged or sensitive skin. In case the animal experiences some sort of an allergic reaction, wash the product off the pet’s skin with mild soap and warm water. Make sure to follow the condition of the animal to see whether the allergy has been fully treated.