The Most Popular Tricks Every Heely Rider Should Know

When I was a teenager, my wheeled motion passion were a skateboard and roller skates, but that trend is now buried in the 20th century. Today’s kids are into Heelys, the shoes that roll. You know the ones that allow you to magically shift from walking to skating without having to change your footwear. How awesome is that! No wonder it is the latest pop culture craze and a trend for both teenagers and adults!

So, when my kids annoyed me to the brink of insanity and convinced me into buying them each a pair, I never expected the results to be so awesome. And super fun. Of course, as a father who wants to give his kids the maximum thrills, I searched for some groovy tricks so they can stretch their full-of-energy mind and bodies (safe tricks of course, because my wife would obliterate me and rid this world of my existence).


1. The moonwalk, wheel style. Imagine doing MJ’s dance on the pavement – people would for sure say: “is this some kind of sorcery?”. Well a true magician never reveals his tricks or you know wheels! Many talented individuals will have the grace of air and all the possibilities to master these shoes and be divine rollers.

2. The Heelchair. Yeah, a neat trick that imagination created. Just tie those Heelys together and let your kid sit on them. If they use their own torso to shift back and forth, they can generate some boost of speed. Try this in the park where other people are around, your kids will feel like driving a racing car!

3. The Walking heater! I laughed out loud when I read about it. You basically attach your food container on your shoes and roll. With that dragging, the food is going to be ready in no time! Sure you will get some confused glances but do not worry, you are just being a genius!

4. The degree turns. This is one of the most basic trick you can do. For the 180 degree turn, start rolling forwards, pivot around your front foot and simply roll backwards. End it with a cool send-off. Watch official Heelys video here.


The 360 degree turn does not differ much – again start by rolling forwards, then pivot around your front foot, and finally make a spin on your heels. This is a good trick for your kid to show when he want to impress a girl and prove he’s an all-around teenager!

5. Dealin’ and hellin’. Buy magic cards from a local magic shop (you want the best quality you can find, no cheap stuff) to fill your kids’ pockets with. Now find a good location for them them to show off their Heelys skills (the bigger the audience, the better). Your kids can flip, grab and throw the cards on the ground (one at a time), yell out the name of a card and then jump on it.

6. The Come-On-And-Get-Down. If your kids have powerful thighs, then they have a Heelys action in their arsenal. This move is all about squatting, which seems odd because while heelin’, you are for the most part way up in the air, showing gravity a good time. Doing this move, your kids need to squat as much as possible and put their knees always around their ears. This will diminish the drag that they get while riding, letting them accelerate thus giving more power to jump ore stairs.

Those are the best trick I found whilst browsing the net. Reading and searching got me excited that I’m even considering getting a pair for myself. Hey, don’t judge! I still get an adrenaline rush from just thinking about skates and to be honest, I truly want to be a hipster dad!