The Most Popular Reasons Why Businesses Need Vehicle Trackers

If you’re a business owner with a fleet of vehicles, you might be looking to cut costs or improve the safety of your vehicles and drivers, both things which can be done with a GPS tracker. GPS trackers are important devices that give you detailed information about the state of your fleet. This can not only make things safer and cheaper, but can also help your business operate at maximum efficiency, giving you an edge over the competition. While many people aren’t sold on the idea of these vehicle trackers, those who have used them swear by them. It’s easy to see the benefits of these systems, as they’re instantly evident. Here are some of them.

Instant Location and Other Useful Metrics

The most obvious benefit, and probably the reason why you’re considering investing in vehicle trackers, is having the ability to track your fleet instantly. Fleet managers and owners are constantly concerned about their fleets, as they’re their bread and butter. So, having a GPS tracker will give you peace of mind by letting you know the exact location and state of your vehicles.

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However, there’s much more to GPS trackers. For instance, they can give you a report on the distance travelled, the route travelled, speed reports, trip reports and much more. These metrics can then be studied and you can come up with ways to improve efficiency. Some tracking devices feature live traffic position capabilities. This can be extremely beneficial for drivers, as they’ll get a timely notice to avoid the crowded routes. The metrics can be used to award good drivers, and to let you know that certain erroneous drivers need improving and training.

Driver and Fleet Protection

As a business owner, your fleet is your most precious asset, so it only makes sense to take some extra steps to ensure its safety and security. Without a GPS tracker, you’d somehow need to be present at multiple places, or hire trustworthy employees, which as much as we hate to admit, is a commodity in these times.

Furthermore, your employees should also be considered a valuable asset, and as an owner, you should do everything in your power to make them feel valued and safe. Research suggests that drivers feel much safer when their work vehicles are equipped with a tracker. After all, the drivers are the ones who spend the most time with your vehicles. That being said, GPS trackers can decrease insurance costs and the liability of your fleet.

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Operational Efficiency

Tracking systems can help you with a range of business operations. This includes improving vehicular operational improvements, which are of paramount importance since they’re crucial in preventing potential breakdowns, and maintenance and repair costs, while improving coordination. GPS trackers can help you decide and notify you when your vehicles need maintenance by sending alerts via email. Additionally, they’re capable of storing valuable historical data such as mileage, usage hours and so on.

On top of all this, GPS tracking devices can increase the encouragement amongst your drivers to accountability, allowing you to monitor their fuel consumption and driving habits in real-time. This can increase the performance of your fleet and positively impact your company’s bottom line. Moreover, it can verify and update your workforce timesheets by tracking when your employees arrive in their vehicle, leave it, take a break and clock off.

Theft Prevention

There’s always a chance of your vehicles getting stolen. Theft is a big concern for fleet owners and managers, and a GPS tracker can go a long way in making sure you get it back. For example, if your vehicle is parked on your business premises or another parking spot, you can get an instant notification should it leave without authorization. That way, you can quickly know whether it’s an employee who has moved it without permission, or if it’s being stolen. In the event it gets stolen, you can easily track it, as you’ll have its live location at all times. Retrieval will also be safer, as you can notify authorities and track it down together.

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Affordable and Portable

And perhaps the most underrated benefit of GPS tracking systems is that they’re very budget-friendly. Due to competition, some manufacturers allow you to pay for the devices over a couple of months. Furthermore, they’re easy to install and remove, and then install again on a new vehicle. That being said, you’ll never feel like you aren’t getting the true value of a GPS tracker. However, keep in mind that many trackers come with a monthly subscription that you may need to pay in order to get all the features.

Their affordability also makes them ideal for personal use. For instance, if your kid just turned 18, and you want to make sure they’re safe when driving the car for the first few months, a GPS locator can let you sleep better, knowing they’re safe.