The Most Popular Pillow for a Good Night’s Sleep

There’s nothing that can replace a good night’s sleep simply because sleeping affects everything we do. Lack of sleep can result in grumpiness and mood swings that can easily interfere with personal relationships, lead to weight gain, changes in the blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, brain fog, and lack of productivity and effectiveness among other causes which can only exacerbate over an extended period of time. Nowadays, when electronics are an indispensable part of our bedrooms, with every bedside table serving as the resting place for iPads, mobile phones or laptops, it’s not surprising more people are experiencing insomnia to some degree and yet there is another culprit that we all often fail to notice. Mind you, it’s not the mattress, but the pillow.

It’s one thing waking up with a stiff neck one morning, it’s completely another when you wake up with that stiffness day in and day out, along with that additional back pain to make you dread every night’s tossing and turning and every next morning’s pains, something not even a whole bucket of morning coffee could solve. The pillow is supposed to provide you with the necessary amount of comfort along with supporting your head and neck properly while relieving the pressure points, something all feather and down pillows provide which is why they’re the all-time popular choice. Unlike a full feather pillow, this combination is a much better option because it reduces the heavy firmness feathers bring about. If you were wondering where the plush feel comes from it’s thanks to the down.


Though most people often mix the two and use them interchangeably, down is quite different from feathers. Down is the fine layer of hidden underneath the top layer of birds and it serves as protection. Despite there being plenty of synthetic materials to be found nowadays, some that even imitate down, still the real feather and down pillows remain unmatched in quality because of their properties. The reason they provide perfect insulation is due to the down’s filaments forming a protective layer that retains warmth and keeps cold out. This kind of structure results in pillows that are easily moulded into a shape that’s most comfortable for the sleeper; just shake them up, fluff them up and you got yourself your very own shaped pillows.

Along with keeping you warm, this kind of pillows won’t exactly cause discomfort but they’re really good at thermoregulation as the filling is light enough with a fluffy texture that’s perfect for trapping air which means perspiration evaporates so you can expect to have a dry sleep with the perfect micro-climate as a result of the pillow. While feathers on their own are known to cause some allergies, combined with the hypoallergenic down, such problems are eliminated, more so because down doesn’t exactly retain moisture. As these pillows provide the right neck and shoulder support, they are especially ideal for side sleepers. Wash them and fluff them occasionally and you got yourself very durable pillows.