The Most Popular Nordic Trend – Bring Hygge into Your Bedroom Design

With winter being just around the corner, once the weather gets colder there’s nothing like cocooning yourself in a cosy bedroom where you can just chill and forget about it all. And when it comes to warming up a cold bedroom, the Nordic concept of Hygge is the best concept to adopt. This hard to pronounce word doesn’t have a single translation, but it is rather used to describe a soothing atmosphere exuding warmth and tranquillity. Design wise, Hygge is a great look for bedrooms as it calls soothing textures, rich wood materials, soft tones, and candlelight. If this trend can get Scandinavians over their long, dark winters, it can certainly warm us up as well. Here’s how to create a homey refuge for the winter.

Nordic design bedroom

Add Touches of Wood

Choosing wooden furnishings is the perfect way to give a cosy feeling to a Nordic design bedroom. Warm, quality woods are the epitome of hygge and incorporating them throughout the room makes the space feel more snuggly but not too dark. Scandinavian bed frames made of quality timber such as oak or walnut are not only exceptionally sturdy, but also beautifully decorative thanks to their natural, soothing colour and rich texture. The fact that Scandinavian furnishings are known for their durability and functionality is another reason why Nordic design bedroom makeovers are so popular.

Use Neutral Colours and Soothing Textures

The best thing you can do for the overall sense of Hygge is to establish a neutral colour palette for the room. Bright colours can feel too chilly and stark for the space, whereas soft, neutral tones like cream, walnut brown, or charcoal grey, are the perfect choices for establishing a serene and inviting atmosphere. This established backdrop of serene colours is great for bringing in some delightful textures. A layer of fur rugs, bamboo quilts, wool blankets, and fluffy pillows is the ultimate addition for a more homey look.

Create a Warm Ambiance with Lighting

The final touch to cosy up your bedroom right is adding the perfect lighting fixtures. This part can also be tricky because if you fail to do it properly you might end up with something that shines on you while you’re in bed. Instead of ceiling fixtures, put your focus on low lighting, such as wall sconces and table or floor lamps. If you don’t want to compromise the functionality that overhead lights offer, try installing a dimmer which will allow you to instantly transform your bedroom into a warm and romantic retreat with the turn of a switch.