The Most Popular Joyce Meyer Books

Joyce Meyer is among the most popular Bible teachers and authors of books on Christian-related topic. This New York Times best selling author of many books has reached the hearts of many people around the world. Joyce Meyer books focus mainly on analyzing messages from the Bible, and uses them to help people understand why certain things happen or do not happen to them. More importantly, Meyer’s books teach the importance of loving God, and accepting His love as the driving force in one’s life.




Joyce Meyer did not all of a sudden decide to write books on biblical topics. She had a rather hard life before she found God. She was sexually, emotionally and verbally abused by her own father; had a very bad first marriage and went through a breast cancer fight in her mid-thirties. But she got through it all as a winner and gained the experience that will serve as the main source of inspiration for her books.

Today, Joyce is happily married to Dave (since 1967), and is the mother of 4 children. Her educational background is also rich. She has a PhD in theology, an honorary doctorate in divinity, and an honorary doctorate in sacred theology, all three from different universities.

Joyce Meyer books teach others to believe in God and have faith as this will help them get through the toughest times. Among her most popular books are:

1. ”God’s Not Mad At You” – Joyce Meyer gives an explanation of the most common misconception that God is some sort of judge waiting to analyze and criticize your mistakes. She point out that God should be perceived as a caring parent, whose love for the world is so big, that he sacrificed his son to save us all. This book will change your beliefs and let you experience God’s love on an entirely different level.

2. “You Can Begin Again” – The Bible is full of examples of how one tragic end can become the beginning of something new and beautiful. How Mary became the most important female figure in Christianity and she was a prostitute, how the shepherd became the leader, and a lot more similar stories. The point of this book is that no matter how you feel, and no matter what point of your life you are at, you should know that there is a reason why you’re still present in this world. Don’t worry, if you don’t have a plan, God does.

3. “Living Beyond Your Feelings” – Have you ever thought about how your brain processes your thoughts and what’s the outcome of that process? If you didn’t, this book will change your thinking. Moreover, you will get answers, as Joyce Meyer explains exactly what happens when we think; our brain processes our thoughts and creates a corresponding emotion to each one. In this book, the 4 types of personality are presented, the influence of stress on our daily lives, the power of memories, why we feel anger, grief, sadness and happiness and how they impact our lives.

These are just few of Joyce Meyer books that are widely popular. If you ever feel like you are lost, and you’ve lost all hope, pick any of Joyce Meyer books and restore your faith.