The Most Popular Homewares You Should Move on From

Having the possibility nowadays to get tonnes of inspiration for our interior decors through the various sources, in the likes of blogs, magazines, and TV shows, we get so hooked on certain trends we simply can’t get enough of. However, just because something is considered trendy, doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an expiration date. More so because the sooner you implement it at home, you run the risk of making your home look tacky.

So, where do we start you may wonder? Well, let’s go for the trend everyone’s been crazy about for years now: the trend with all-things “Keep calm and carry on”. From notebooks, to cushions, mugs, tea towels, rugs, and art prints, we’ve seen this British motivational phrase everywhere, it’s practically lost its glory and motivating ability. So, if you want your home to be stylish, keep calm, and carry on from this trend, instead by taking a look at the plenty of vast choices of unique designs online homewares Australia round have to offer; those that have nothing to do with quotes.


Another trend that made it large scale was copper, and while there are still design tendencies trying to convince you to pile up on everything copper, don’t risk going overboard and making your interior look cheap; go for other metallic finishes to get a more sophisticated, and eclectic look, in the likes of rose golds, and silver for vases, and sculptures, as well as chrome fittings. Mixing metals that look alike is what’s chic.

The same thing happened with marble in the last couple of years, when all of a sudden marble texture took over all sorts of design, appeared in a variety of interior, and fashion items, from the obvious fireplaces, staircases, and coffee tables, to accent chairs, bedding, candles, organisers, packaging, and clothing, so it’s time we said enough is enough of cheap imitations, and opted for something warmer the online homewares Australia have in store for us. Layering different textures, and opting for a variety of timbres is the way out.

Though causing quite the stir for years now, minimalism has started losing its spark mostly because it’s beginning to look stale, cold, and rather impersonal. Those sleek lines of furniture may appear clean, but in addition to the shades of grey, and monochrome, it can make your home into a place influencing winter blues in you – or more of winter greys, should I say? Cosiness wins over any time, and you can’t go wrong by throwing in the charms of something that speaks volumes about your personality.