The Most Popular Home Design Trend for 2015: Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Yes, it’s a new trend – indoor outdoor rugs! It’s not exactly something new, it’s more like a rug made from a very good material that is suitable to be used for both indoors and outdoors. The trend is actually using rugs to decorate the outdoor area. Yes, you read that correctly. You can actually place a rug on your patio or backyard area. Placed under a table, or simply scattered through the patio, rugs give space a dose of coziness and warmth. And these rugs are also perfect for covering the floor on your balcony, and even in your rooms!

Indoor Outdoor Rugs

Photo Source: Pinterest

Indoor outdoor rugs vary so much in design, shape and use. They’re mainly made from a material that’s resistant to weather elements, like polypropylene straws. Plus, this material looks so good on ceramic tiles or even marble flooring. As such, these rugs are easy to maintain, since they provide tightness, sustainability and softness underfoot. If you’re lucky enough to find something with vibrant colours, be sure it is UV stabilized, thus colour deterioration and fading which happen as a result to exposure to the sun, are prevented in this case. And since these are rugs, they are very easy to store when you need to clean space or redecorate it. Plus, they’re portable, so you can easily change their position, and place them as you wish.

Most indoor outdoor rugs are mold resistant, so you won’t have any problem if they get wet by accident, just air-dry them. And if you ever have the need to clean them, you can easily wash them since most of these rugs are made of washable materials.

What to choose? There is a very wide choice of shapes and designs; you can choose from indoor-outdoor mats, runner rugs, indoor outdoor round rugs and many more. Just decide which shape suits you best, and where you plan to place it. For instance, indoor outdoor runner rugs are great for balcony floors, especially if they’re not that spacious. Or indoor outdoor mats, which are great for in front of the entrance door.

All in all, large carpets are losing their influence in indoor decor and styling. The accent is largely placed on smaller pieces that allow the tiles, marble or loose lay flooring to be seen. So, search online or through brick-and-mortar stores for your indoor outdoor rugs. Whatever you choose from the wide collection, whichever design, make sure it suits space, including furniture colour, walls and curtains.