The Most Popular Electronic Cigarette Brands

The electronic cigarette industry is expanding and continues to grow at rapid paste as more and more people try to quit smoking and substitute tobacco with a healthier option, electronic cigarettes. Hence the increased number of e-cig manufacturers and why there are new e-cigarette brands on the Australian market.

If you too want to switch from tobacco smoking to e-cig vaping but are new to the world of the e-cigarettes, your best option is to purchase an e-cig starters kit. But the question is how to choose e-cig that gives the best smoking experience; the one that provides consistent vapor and comes with a long-lasting battery? To help you out ditch the bad smoking habit for good, we have put together a list of the best and most popular electronic cigarette brands that provide the most value for your money.

V2 Cigs


V2 Cigs is certainly the most popular brand on the market and the best e-cigarette alternative. They are the largest online retailer of e-cigs because of a wide selection of different products which offer exceptional performance. The V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes provide consistent vapor, taste better, have long battery life and offer more personalization than any other brand on the Australian market.

Vapor Fi


The second great vaping option are the Vapor Fi e-cigarettes. They have evolved through the years and today are one of the first choices for many soon-to-be ex-smokers. They have six different models of e-cigs with great choice of e-liquid. What’s great about Vapor Fi is that you can mix up to 3 different flavours and create your own custom flavour.

Liberty Flights


Liberty Flights is another leading brand in Australia, popular for its large selection of e-cigarettes, starters kits and different e-liquids. The brand offers a wide range of e-liquids such as, tobacco flavour, menthol, strawberry, tropical, blackcurrant, tobacco vanilla, peppermint, strawberry menthol and many more. The selection is extremely huge, making it a great way to try and mix different types of flavours according to your taste, need and mood. Liberty Flights also has a great e-cigarette equipment and accessories at competitive prices that will ease your smoking and enhance the look of your e-cig. So, why not give it a try? Make your own personalized e-cig starters kit and enjoy in it.

Mig Cigs


Mig Cigs have many different starters kits, but one of them stands out as the best. It is the miniature sized Mig21 e-cig starters kits that has the same performances as the large ones. Its size makes it the most popular since many people hate carrying large e-cig setups.

Apollo E-Cigs


Apollo is e-cig brand designed for more advanced e-cigarette users because it offers both typical e-cig model and the new eDo model. The best thing is that batteries can connect to different tanks and the tanks can be filled with any brand e-liquid you want.