The Most Popular Electric Motors

The electric motor is the device that has brought some of the greatest changes in the 21th century technology. From small electric motor to massive-in-size motors, many of the advancements in today’s modern technology are provided by the power if this versatile device.


After the invention of electricity, the second groundbreaking invention is definitely the introduction of the electric motor to industrial engineering. The truth is, the electric motor is one of the most ubiquitous devices, as we can see it all around us – from medical equipment, household appliances and industrial equipment to robots and vehicles. In fact, this device is of a vital importance for people’s modern living.

Regardless of its size, the electric motor produces a rational force that moves machines and appliances, something that the 21st century industry cannot be imagined without. The type of electrical motor depends on a variety of specifications. The most popular electric motor models are:

  • Lenze Small Electric Motor – It is the key part of the three-phase asynchronous and permanent magnet DC motors. Both motor types, when combined with planetary or helical-worm gearboxes create geared motors. Because Lenze small electric motors are composed of standardized units and various modified features, it is easy to select the one that will best match your specific application (printing machinery, packaging, material handling, HVAC, medical engineering, etc.). Furthermore, the fact that Lenze motors can be directly connected to the central motor, makes them a cost-effective electric-motor solution you can rely on.
  • M-660 Rotation Stage With Direct Drive – It is another cost-efficient and pretty fast electrical motor. This small electric motor model features height of only 14mm. Its specific feature is the rotary platform. Being a special model of small electric motor, the M-660 Rotation Stage comes with optical encoder integrated into its structure. Furthermore, this device features a precision-class rotation stage. Numerous industrial applications for automation and optical metrology rely on the use of the M-660 Rotation Stage with direct drive.
  • Celeroton CM-1-1000 – The Celeroton electric motors fall under the category of motors with smallest weight and volume. The Celeroton CM-1-1000 is a thumb-sized electric motor. What contributes the most to this small electric motor to have the performance of a big-sized motor, is its ultra-high rotational speed. Moreover, Celeroton is a brand known for the constant investments for improving the design of electrical motors. By choosing to this particular electric motor, you can ensure low heat generating and high efficiency.