The Most Popular Clothing Items for Cricket Players

Whether you are into skateboarding, skiing, cycling, or you like the competitive nature of basketball or cricket, playing sports is very beneficial to your health. Not only can sports help you maintain a healthy weight and reach your fitness goals, but it can also encourage making some healthy changes such as improving your diet and quitting smoking and drinking.


If you are a cricket enthusiast, whether professional or amateur, fielder or bowler, you probably are familiar with the importance of good-quality equipment and clothing. And since this game requires a lot of running (you can finish half a marathon in one cricket day), you need clothing that can allow for more flexibility. The following clothing items are essential for cricket players to provide better performance on the field.

Cricket Pants

The cricket dress code has evolved significantly over the years. However, cricket trousers are still an essential piece of clothing that every player (or amateur player) should own. Standard cricket trousers are usually white. Since cricket was initially introduced as a summer sport, it was considered wise to use whites as colours for the uniform. It’s widely known that white clothing reflects heat better and can be more comfortable to wear during hot weather than any other colour. But if you are not so much into white, trousers in another lighter colour such as cream can be an ideal choice.


Whatever colour you go for, make sure to pick premium quality cricket pants that are breathable, lightweight and flexible enough to allow sufficient movement and help you concentrate on your game better. The best cricket trouser is made of light, breathable material with the ability to absorb sweat effectively, at the same time ensuring that the right temperature is being maintained. And this material is usually 100% knitted polyester fabric.

Polyester has fantastic insulating properties, making it great for environments that can get a mix of hot and cold weather. Since this material is made of plastic fibres, it’s light, breathable, wrinkle-free and long-lasting. Another great reason why you should opt for polyester cricket pants is that this material drys very quickly as the fabric absorbs only 0.4% of its weight in moisture. High-quality polyester cricket trousers made with improved moisture management technology can keep you dry and comfortable during your game.

Regarding the design, the ideal cricket pants usually feature a full elastic waist with adjustable drawstring. They need to be loose enough to accommodate cricket protection gear like hip and tight strippers and an abdomen guard. Good cricket trousers also come with breathable mesh and many ventilation spots for a free flow of air.

Cricket Shirt


To match your white trousers and create a complete set of whites, you will also need a good quality cricket shirt. This shirt is often a collared white polo. But whether traditionally white or in another colour, the ideal cricket shit is made of ultra-soft, lightweight stretch fabric that provides all-day comfort.

A raglan sleeve cricket shirt is a good example of both style and comfort. This type of sleeve extends to the collar and the neckline. Its design creates a wider area in the underarm, thereby ensuring complete flexibility in the movements of arms. Raglan sleeve shirts are usually top choices for professional cricket players since they ensure 360-degree mobility.

The best material for the shirt is some kind of blend of polyester or cotton with another breathable material. These materials absorb sweat well and are easy to wash and quick to dry.

Depending on the climate of the place where you’re playing, you can choose from long-sleeved or short-sleeved cricket shirts. Also, it might be a good idea to have 3-4 cricket shirts if you practice regularly so that you will always have something clean to wear.

Cricket Sweaters


Whether full-sleeved or sleeveless, cricket sweaters are essential for the cold days when the skies are overcast, and it’s likely to rain. These clothing pieces are traditionally white, although some brands have a bend of colour around the neck. Usually made of wool, the cricket sweater can keep you warm and comfy even in the coldest months.

Cricket Socks


Standard cricket socs are usually white, but you can also find them in grey or black, depending on the brand. The most important features to look for are softness, comfort, breathability and quick-drying property.

A cotton and lycra blend is a good material choice for maximum comfort and a superb fit. Make sure that your cricket socks feature thick padding to prevent blisters and sores and are designed with channel construction to wick moisture away from the skin. There are also available models with arch support, featuring a padded heel and toe to ensure maximum protection for your feet.

Cricket Shoes


Having the right footwear is essential when playing any kind of sports, including cricket. Playing with shoes that are not appropriate for this sport can make you less efficient and potentially may cause injuries. There are a lot of popular cricket shoe brands that offer models that are much sturdier and provide the player with supreme support despite their resemblance with regular trainers.

Some models feature spaces on the bottom surface to avoid slipping over in wet conditions. If you are focused on becoming a better bowler, you will need a good pair of cricket boots that offer ankle support.