The Most Popular Boat Shoes

Nothing screams “summer” louder than a pair of boat shoes. Since they were first introduced back in the 1930s, these shoes have spiked in popularity. Boat shoes are classic enough to take you from a morning sail or fishing at the beach to a nice dinner at a waterfront restaurant. You can easily wear them on casual Fridays in the office and continue to your beachside summer rental.

It really does not matter whether you are on a boat, on the beach, fishing on a pond, or handling the paperwork in your office, boat shoes offer the ultimate comfort and productivity. Plus, wearing boat shoes comes with a bonus – your feet can finally rest from the heavy boots and thick socks they have been stuck in the whole winter. Their simple design is so appealing that it is no surprise that boat shoes are produced by some of the biggest names in the shoe and clothing industry.



To make your fishing trip more productive or relaxing boat cruise more comfortable, you surely need a quality pair of Shimano boat shoes. They are light in weight and very practical, making it easier on your feet for those all-day fishing trips. Shimano boat shoes feature a molded air channel system which enables air circulation within the boots to help keep your feet cool while at the same time keeping them dry.



Clarks is one of the kings in the apparel industry and it is present in the closet of anyone who has a fine taste in clothing. They are known for their semi-casual style that can be suitable for different occasions. For example, you can combine Clarks boat shoes with khaki pants to get a dressier look for dinner, or if you are headed to a baseball game with your friends, wear them with shorts or jeans for a more casual look.



As their area of expertise has always been in the field of casual shoes, whether dock or boat shoes, Sebago Docksides have been one of the most wanted brands since their establishment in the 1940s. In the 80s, they were the footwear dujour for preppy college kids as well as for the US sailing team. Today, even though they are more than 30 years away from their heyday, Sebago Docksides brand still has an astonishingly good design that never seems to get out of fashion.



It is no surprise that the alligator which is the synonym for high quality and style, can be found on boat shoes as well. Ideal for brunch or seaside strolls, Lacoste boat shoes are a stylish modern spin on the classic nautical shoe.