The Most Popular Basic Calculators

Students must be really glad about the invention of the calculator, because thanks to this small, but extremely versatile tech piece, they can quickly and easily deal with complex numbers and computations.

The need, thus the popularity of calculators have increasingly risen over the years, and today it is absolutely needless to mention that there is no student on the globe who does not have or use a basic calculator.But, what is worth mentioning is that the tech-market is bountiful of different types of calculators that range in size, design and of course, functions. Hence, future calculator buyers need to familiarize themselves with different models and brands.

To ease the selection and help you choose ‘the one’ for you, take a look at the following list of most popular basic calculators of the present day.

Texas Instruments TI-108


The Texas Instruments (TI) brand is highly ranked among global calculator names thanks to the quality, durability and reliability it provides to customers. The cutting edge TI-108 is low-cost basic calculator, designed to introduce students to calculator functionality and basic arithmetic computations. TI-108 also features an eight-digit display and big-sized keys.

Casio SL-450BP

This is another first-rate basic calculator, lightweight (47g), small-sized and exceptionally compatible to students’ pocket. Its state-of-the art specifications are: LCD dual displays, independent memory, 3-digit comma markers and solar-power supply. The dual displays are very helpful for students, in terms of comparing different amounts and account/currency conversion.

Sharp EL-S25BBL


To practice math on a master-level, this is the right model of primary school calculator to turn to. Sale statistics report that Sharp EL-S25BBL is one of the most popular primary school calculators commonly bought by online customers. Again, this is a solar-powered calculator with a slanted display for better viewing. Furthermore, the Sharp EL-S25BBL features easy-to-use buttons that make it the perfect tech-device for adding up numbers very quickly. But, what makes this cutting-edge model of basic calculator special is its multiplication-tables quiz function that offers students a brilliant opportunity to practice and learn basic math facts.

Canon LS 154TG


This unique model of primary school calculator is Eco-friendly, as it is made out of recycled materials of Canon copiers. The Canon LS 154TG has a large LCD screen and a 12-digit display that make computations easily visible. Another powerful characteristic of this type of basic calculator is the tax-computing option. It also features a protective case, making it easy to carry in a briefcase.