The Most Popular Alternatives to the Typical Office Conference Room

Even though in the world of today more and more companies are gravitating towards more relaxed working environments, the meeting room is still a crucial part of the workplace. It provides a private space to discuss confidential matters, to hold larger meetings, and to accommodate formal gatherings. Designing a pleasant meeting environment with an office decor that will make everyone in the room comfortable has a lot to do with the way a meeting is perceived. Some offices around the world have given a playful twist to this area, while others stick to the traditional conference room which they have brought to a superior level.

But regardless of the trends, the one thing that has not disappeared is the need for collaboration to achieve maximum productivity. We are social creatures, and to make the best out of a project, we often need to meet, talk and confer for the good of the group. Nowadays, as the rate of collaboration increases for touchdown meetings, video conferences, brainstorming and remote team meetings – the once mighty conference room is no longer one-size-fits-all. Let’s take a look at the most popular office room alternatives.

contemporary office table

Productive Pods

Touchdown rooms, huddle rooms, creative pods… – this kind of meeting room goes by different configurations and names. The main reason why it has gained so much popularity in the past decade is the fact that its ambiance is right for just about any activity work that involves more than one person. These mini conference rooms are designed in a versatile way, usually incorporating a minimalist contemporary office table, acoustic materials to absorb noise, and moderately-sized screens for conference calls.

Simply put, these productive pods are the ideal solution for meetings that require three or more people who need a quiet spot to focus and create content together. When designing your conference productive pod, roughly calculate how many people will usually need to come together to share ideas so that you know the size of the contemporary office table you will need to purchase for that spot.

The Standing Room

To prevent the negative effects of hours-long sitting and inactivity, standing-room conference rooms are the modern version of the typical meeting room. These spots are a productive excuse for workers to move around and increase circulation while sharing ideas and collaborating. This kind of a meeting room is usually located on the verges of open office floor plans. It uses a bar-height contemporary office table, optional stools, as well as integrated technology for conference calls and videos.

The Wonders of the Outdoors

If you don’t have enough space on the inside of your company for an inspiring meeting room, why not take these matters outside? Rooftop gardens with group spaces, covered green patios, and landscaped paths for walking meetings are totally trending right now. Be it a shaded gazebo for a meeting with ten people, or a one-on-one walk in the park, when it comes to the creative process, think outside the box to get the best results.