The Features That Make Canvas Tents the Most Popular Choice Among Campers

So, you’ve decided to go camping. Great! The first thing you will need is to equip yourself with a good tent. It needs to be practical, warm and comfortable. A canvas tent has all these characteristics and many others. Bellow is a list of the main reasons why canvas tents, for the most part, outperform the other tents you will come across.


The main benefit of canvas tents over other tent fabrics is breathability. Canvas allows moisture and condensation to escape the tent, keeping the air inside the tent dry and comfortable. Synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester don’t breathe and tend to hold condensation inside the tent. Even if the rain stays out, synthetic fabrics can leave you feeling damp and claustrophobic. The breathability of the canvas material will also keep you cooler during summer time. Because canvas tents are heavier and more substantial than tents made from synthetic materials, they can also keep you warmer in cold weather.

Many Years of Use

Canvas tents are typically long-lasting. Of course, like with all tents, you will need to treat them good and dry them properly. And if a tear happens, it can be easily repaired with a patch. Canvas is a rip-stop fabric. What this means is that it stops any tear from growing bigger.

Sound Absorbent

Canvas is a lot less noisy material than nylon. Due to its thickness, you won’t hear as much outside noise when resting in your tent. If you are a light sleeper, the thickness of a canvas tent wall will definitely be of great help for your sleep and overall peace of mind when out in the great outdoors.


Nylon is a very flammable material and that is one of the main reasons why campers don’t use tents made out of it anymore. On cold winter nights, you might want your tent to be closer to the campfire so that you stay warm and cozy during the night. With nylon tents, you can’t really do that. Canvas tents, on the other hand, are the perfect choice for situations of this kind.

Although durable and well constructed, canvas tents aren’t waterproof out of the box. You will need to get a water treatment spray to coat them and make sure the material remains breathable. Some people will tell you that canvas tents take a little more time and effort to set up, but the truth is that all tents take a bit of getting used to in terms of setting them up. With practice, setting up and taking down your canvas tent will become second nature to you.