Super Tourch: A Review of Popular Models

Super Tourch

Possessing a torch light can be very beneficial in a power outage situation or when looking for things in the dark. It’s also a must-have for hikers, people who hunt in the dark and campers. A torch is one of the most valuable items you can posses in your home. There’s a number of types and sizes of torch lights and in this particular article we’re going to discuss the biggest and the strongest ones, the super tourch lights.

Super torches have multiple LED’s and provide massive light outputs. Here are a few super tourch options to chose from that will provide great brightness in dark times (literally).

Olight X6 Marauder
Can generate up to 5000 lumens which makes it ideal for hunters, adventurers and search and rescue parties. It has 6 Cree XM-L LEDs which with the help of the precision crafted reflectors and lens can project a beam up to 640m. It also comes with a remote battery pack.

ThruNite TN36 UT
This compact light uses 3 Cree XPH70 LEDs, combined with 4 18650 Li-ion batteries that generate up to 7300 lumens. This output is a record setter for a torch of this size. It has an intelligent temperature control feature and an advanced low voltage indication electronic switch.

Klarus G30 Compact
This torch uses 3 18650 batteries and a massive Cree MT-G2 LED to generate a maximum of 2450 lumens. It’s budget friendly and features a side switch as well as a tail switch for extra control and has four modes as well as SOS and a strobe.

Contains 3 Cree XM-L2 LEDs and an integrated digital display, and is the latest super torch from JETBeam. It has three brightness modes and a display that shows remaining power and current mode which makes it a quiet powerful and advanced torch.

Nitecore TM26 Tiny Monster
This is Nitecore’s most powerful torch light to date. It uses four Cree XM-L2 U3 LEDs that generate 4000 lumens. It has an integrated charger which makes it convenient and quick to charge, so you can always keep it at full capacity.

Xtar D35 Diving Torch
This one is mainly used for professional diving as its light can go through depths of 100m. Its huge output, massive beam distance and a magnetic control ring make it a class of it’s own. A user definable mode on the three modes allows for switching from 2800 to 15 lumens. It comes with batteries, a charger and a hard carry case.

These are just several of the many super torches that can come in handy in many situations, so don’t hesitate to buy one for inconvenient situations that might arise during a power outage.