Steer Clear of Unhealthy Diet Trends: How to Reach Your Goal Weight

According to the World Health Organization, more than 1.9 billion people worldwide are overweight or obese, with obesity affecting around 650 million adults. These are numbers that have almost tripled since the year 1975, so it’s no surprise that many people are looking for ways to shed weight and bring their body to a goal weight they have set for themselves.

Still, just because the number is so high, there are a lot of weight loss programs out there, some of which are legit, and some of which aren’t. Miracle solutions for excess weight can be found on every corner, a page of every magazine, and all over the internet. Ads for teas, tablets, and so much more are promising people fast and effective weight loss, sometimes even claiming that you’ll lose a certain amount of weight in only a couple of weeks.

There was a time when these businesses bloomed, but that time has passed. Modern science and people, in general, have understood that losing weight in such a way isn’t long-term nor healthy, so they’ve opted for a bit of a different approach.

The path to healthy and permanent weight loss is a long and difficult one, but it’s not impossible to get there. All you need is determination, will, some supplementation, quality food, and a good workout regime.

fat burning supplements

Let’s expand on this a bit!

Supplements Are Okay – As Long As You Choose Them Properly!

Fat shredding supplementation exists and it’s a wonderful thing. Used as an accessory to your weight loss regime, quality fat shredding supplements can be found in all supplement and healthy living stores.

There’s quite the debate on whether fat burning supplements really work and are good for you in the long run. The answer to this question is simple. As long as they use natural ingredients instead of weird chemical compounds and are taken in recommended dosages, fat burners both work and are good for you.

The way fat shredding supplements work is by stimulating your metabolism to work faster, avoiding keeping food around for longer than it needs to be. Slow metabolism is something a lot of overweight people struggle with, so by the sheer power to speed it up, fat burners are already helping.

By boosting your metabolism and encouraging it to process food faster, fat burners also encourage the body to burn through fat reserves much faster than it would by itself.

This may sound a bit scary, but supplementation that is driven by natural ingredients will not harm your metabolism nor your body in any way. Things like caffeine or green tea, which is also known to have a high amount of caffeine in itself, are completely regular things we all drink on a daily basis. In fat burners, these ingredients are just a bit more concentrated and designed to work in a way that will aid you in your weight loss journey.

Many of the fat burning supplements also feature things to help with other things, like for example, dandelion root, which is known to help combat unnecessary water retention in the body and deal with excess water that is trapped. Most often when we start to lose weight we are told that we’re losing that “water weight” first, so by having such an ingredient in your fat loss supplements you’re already ahead!

balanced food

A Balanced Diet Is the Most Important Piece of the Puzzle

A lot of things depend on our gut, not just our weight. Things like anxiety can be successfully toned down by a proper diet, certain medical conditions can be taken care of by implementing a certain way of eating, and of course, weight loss can also be very much affected.

Having a balanced, healthy diet is imperative in your fat loss journey. Nutritionists around the world have been talking about this for a long time and there is enough convincing evidence to prove that what we put inside our bodies is the main reason for both fat gain and fat loss.

The rule you need to think about here is the fact that what you bring in you need to burn, otherwise it will turn into fat. So, if you’re eating foods heavy in fat and carbs and aren’t exercising, those foods don’t get burned, and as a result – you get heavier.

Still, it’s not just about movement. It’s about what your food actually consists of. A diet rich in fibre will help your metabolic system speed up and break food down faster than it used to, helping you lose weight.

A diet rich in protein will help you on your weight loss journey, too! Protein is a crucial part of the process in our bodies that builds muscles, called protein synthesis. Through protein synthesis, our body builds muscle tissue where there was once fat storage.

Avoiding heavy fats and carbohydrates is also very important in weight loss, but it’s not smart to exclude them completely. Things like fish, white meat, certain fruits and most vegetables, and whole-grain goods are part of the foods your diet needs to consist of in order for you to kickstart your body’s metabolism and start burning fat.

exercises for better results

Exercise Will Help You Tone Up and Lose Weight Faster

Finally, we get to exercise. Paired with good nutrition and the right kind of fat loss supplements, regular exercise will round up the whole journey and take you to your desired body much faster. There are many studies that confirm this and it’s really just a logical thing when you think about it. As I said before, to lose weight you need to burn what you bring in, and the best way to burn is by moving!

There are a lot of different exercise options out there, so you can talk to a personal trainer or your doctor to get a recommendation of what kind of exercise would be best for you to start with, depending on the weight you’re at right now. If you don’t want to use a public gym because of the current health emergency, you can try exercising outside, cycle a certain number of kilometres per day or build your own home gym if your budget allows it.

Remember that you need to take it slowly and not overexert yourself. Your muscles need rest and time to recover from the action, so taking a day off between two days of working out is very important. I know you might want to lose that weight fast, but overworking yourself will only do the opposite.

Only by continuous, regular, and disciplined exercise, paired with, as I said, the right diet and a little boost from supplements can you get to your goal weight! It will take time, but it will also teach you a lot about your body and your habits and you’ll find yourself being more responsible and following the rules of weight loss much easier.