Spread Christmas Cheer: Popular Gift Sets for Makeup Lovers

It’s Christmas and unfortunately, many of us won’t be able to celebrate today with our loved ones due to the pandemic. However sad it might sound right now, let’s not forget the joy of gifting! No matter how big or small, Christmas gifts should reach our favourite people.

Beauty gift packs are always a good idea – they’re highly appreciated by many women. So, in case you have makeup-obsessed friends or family members, you know what you should get them. In case you’re not a pro, don’t worry – there are gift sets that are universally flattering, assuring they include something for every makeup lover. Some Christmas makeup gift sets focus on a particular area of the face (lips, eyes, eyebrows etc.), while others can include a variety of products for a day-to-day look. Check the options below, and you’ll surely become one of the best gift-giver of all times.

Lash Toolbox Set

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Most women dream about having long, thick, voluminous eyelashes – and while some of us are considered lucky, it’s less likely that we all get what we want. As a defining feature of femininity, eyelashes care should be an essential part of our makeup routine. And if your friend never leaves the house without a pair of falsies, then gifting her a lash toolbox might be a great idea.

Lash toolbox sets are great Christmas makeup gift sets as they include eyelash curlers, lash applicator, tweezers, scissors, mascara wands and base maker sponges. A lash applicator is a perfect gift for anyone who enjoys wearing falsies. Designed to assist lash applications, this tool is handy and offers the ultimate precision and control with a minimal mess. They look very similar to tweezers, but they are way more sophisticated. The thin tip will allow you to position and apply lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible.

There is a powerful tool in this kit that is great to use before applying mascara – an eyelash curler. It makes a huge difference instantly – lifting the lashes and making your eyes look so much wider and open regardless of their shape. This set comes with mascara wands in different shapes and they all provide different effects. Classic mascara wands offer more voluminous results, tapered comb mascara wands help you curl the small eyelashes, creating a dramatic cat-eye look.

Makeup Foundation Set

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When first starting to use makeup, one of the first products we get introduced to (aside from mascara and tinted lip balm) is the foundation. It’s a staple product for both beginners and pros alike – and that’s for a good reason. Foundation is the groundwork for your make up look – and that’s a fact you’ll hear at virtual tutorials and most popular professional makeup courses in Australia.

The foundation formula can help cover blemishes, blur imperfections, correct your skin tone, and overall, create a smooth and even look. But before buying, make sure you first check the ingredients. Mineral foundation makeup products are so popular because they are natural. They will not cause breakouts and are proven to be a much healthier option than traditional makeup.

There are different types of foundations, suitable for different types of skin, so make sure you do your due diligence before buying. When choosing a foundation makeup set, consider the finish and the coverage it provides. Some foundations are liquid, while other formulas come as powders, creams serums or water-based solutions. Mineral foundations are lightweight and do not set into fine lines and wrinkles, meaning your skin won’t look dull and aged.

You can never go wrong with a basic mineral foundation kit that provides radiant glow and sheer coverage. Powder mineral foundations provide anti-inflammatory properties and help problematic skin. They will improve skin tone (they might not cover all the imperfections) and can be used on a daily basis. Think about the foundation’s finish as well. Matte finishes are a very popular option as they are shine-free, ideal for women with oily skin. Made from minerals which promote skin health and packed with vitamins A, C and E, and SPF protection, your makeup-obsessed friend will surely love it.

Mini Lipsticks Set

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These makeup gift boxes usually include a collection of mini lipsticks in different shades. The most popular ones range from rose plum to bold red, all in different finishes, like matte, satin, lustre, etc. It’s impossible not to find a great one that can be worn on a variety of occasions.

Lighted Makeup Mirror

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If your friend already has a ton of makeup, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on gifting them a perfect makeup present. Applying makeup or grooming your eyebrows can be quite challenging without a proper mirror. Even if your friend went for a cosmetic tattoo, she’ll still benefit from owning this amazing mirror. Lighted makeup mirrors are essential accessories as they have a large viewing area, bright lighting and are portable. They provide multiple benefits and will help your giftee avoid overdoing the blush or over-plucking their brows.

Eyeshadow Palette

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Any makeup addict will love receiving an eye shadow palette in the middle of the festive season. You can pick bright, neon colour palettes in golden yellow to red and deep purple shades for the ultimate confidence-booster look.