Sleep Sweetly: The Most Popular Linen Brands on the Market

Having a good night’s sleep is a vital, often neglected part of a person’s overall health and well-being. Sleeping in a relaxing environment that promotes good sleep can affect your mood and your ability to relax. For this reason, the bedroom needs to look simple yet attractive. By choosing cool bedding with personality, you don’t need to put much emphasis on other details in the room as the appearance of too much going on is never visually pleasing.

There are many brands on the market producing a variety of good-quality linens. Here are our favourites.


Linen House

Linen House offers a wide variety of linen bedding, from more neutral, earth-inspired tones to bolder attractive pieces of design. With such a huge range of quality bed linen options, quilt covers, and homewares you can surely find something that suits your personal style and complements your bedroom’s decor. Linen House can turn any bedroom into a serene sanctuary that exudes exquisite style and comfort. They have everything you may need for your home – from bedding and towels to living room decor and dining accessories. Check them out to make your home a serene sanctuary.

M.M. Linen


This brand offers a timeless collection of elegantly designed pieces of bedding and homeware. Made from the highest quality of fabrics, they offer a rich palette of colours and designs to choose from. Beautifully handpainted and digitally printed designs on a beautiful 300 thread count are what makes this brand unique.

Bed Threads

Bed Threads is a French brand that specializes in making textured pure french flax linen bedding. This Australia-based brand is dedicated to making comfortable luxurious bedding regardless of the season. Buttery soft and designed to last, with a wide array of 17 colour options, you can build your own bundle by choosing the bedding sets of your dreams. Every set includes a flat sheet, a fitter sheet, and two pillowcases. What’s more important is that this company is 100% carbon neutral, which means it measures, reduces, and offsets greenhouse gas emissions where possible, to protect the environment.



We all once believed in fairy tales and they kind of got entrenched deep within our memories. But, why not relive those moments by choosing a bedding brand for which fairy tales are the major inspiration for their design. Well, look no further, because the Camilla Australian brand is the one you are looking for. Lovingly crafted with the softest 500 thread count cotton and inspired by the pages of ancient, bounded books, this specific brand pays tribute to the rich beauty, chaos, and illusion of tales.

From simple pure linen sheets to intricately embroidered cotton and velvets, this brand is a sure way to complement any bedroom style. Defined by vibrant color, and colourful prints each piece perfectly portrays magic on its own.

The Sheet Society

Since we spend one-third of our lives sleeping. Why not make it as comfortable and enjoyable as it can by choosing bedding that feels incredible. You can make your bed look and feel as warm and welcoming as ever by choosing to buy bedding from the Sheet Society brand. The sheet society is an eco-friendly bedding brand, which products are made from pure 100% certified French flax linen. They make their bed sheets available in trend-driven colours, designs, and fabrics.

If you choose to buy your bedding online, you have the option to fully customize your choices by choosing patterns, colours, and designs that suit your personality and interior the best.

In Bed

In Bed focuses on making timeless, classy products made to be lived and loved for years to come. They make their cushion, duvet covers, sheets, and pillowcases from 100% natural and organic fabric. In Bed makes its products available in versatile colours including navy, pink and light grey. Moreover, they are super comfortable, luxurious, and soft on touch. The fitted sheets will fit perfectly under your mattress without causing any wrinkling thanks to the wide elastic. The linen is mechanically softened using volcanic stones rather than harsh materials. This brand’s products are completely eco-friendly containing no harmful substances.

I Love Linen


Driven by passion and pride, the team of designers has curated specially designed products taking inspiration from travels and Australia. This brand has created a wide selection of linen bedding such as quilt covers, sheet sets, fitted sheets at an affordable price. You can create your own look, and give a new dynamic to your bedroom by picking out a colour from the rich palette they offer. Woven from flax grown in France and stonewashed to give that soft feel, their products will make your bed look beautiful and give your well-deserved rest.