Self Watering Planters: One of the Most Popular and Easy Way to Garden

With today’s innovations in the world of gardening, there are no more excuses for you not to create your own little piece of green paradise. Things like not having enough space, traveling, or having a busy schedule are no longer valid. From built-in garden furniture pieces like desks that can act as a self-sufficient gardening system, to plant monitoring systems that can give you timely updates on your plant’s moisture and sunlight levels, along with alerts – there are many ways you can bring some greenery into your indoor space, that require just a little bit of your attention to flourish.

modern urban garden planter

Speaking of innovating solutions, even if you are not blessed with a green thumb, one of the novelties that has proven to be effective the most are the self-watering garden planters which are designed to make it so much easier for you to keep your plants healthy and hydrated. This type of plant pot features two containers: one for the soil and the plants and another that contains the water reservoir. The water goes through the holes on the inner container’s walls and reaches the container with soil and plants. All you have to do in order to keep your plants hydrated is fill the reservoir with water and they will absorb whatever amount they need. Also, the integrated water level indicator lets you know when you need to refill it. Moreover, not having to water your plants daily or almost daily, means that messes and water spillage can be minimized. This makes having a modern urban garden planter perfect for home, office use and even cafes and restaurants.

But their benefits don’t stop here. If you are into modern and simple designs when it comes to home decor, then you will love the fact that apart from being functional, the modern urban garden planter comes with a clean and contemporary design which is not something that can’t be said about an old fashioned box full of soil. These modern planters are sleek and can instantly add a dose of uniqueness and charm in your home décor. For instance, a simple, modern rectangular planter would look perfect in any hallway. Its classic cubic shape can fit well into a variety of decor styles. The crisp white colour they usually feature also adds to their ability to match a lot of already established settings. Finally, they can be arranged one next to another seamlessly and plugged into each other for even easier and integrated watering.