Scandinavian Style Bar Stools: Versatility Makes for Popularity

Though minimalism isn’t a recent trend, we have to thank Scandinavians for teaching us the art of it, and how it can be stylish even when you go small. Certainly, Nordic design makes it even easier to go minimal with its seamless iconic looks.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to adopt the whole Scandinavian look in your interior, or just add a few pieces, there’s something for everyone’s taste that this design offers.

Scandinavian style bar stools

For example, the addition of Scandinavian style bar stools in your home is sure to give you a bigger transformation impact than you’d expect because they are versatile, adaptable, in a smooth perfectly styled design made of solid oak and walnut.

So no, they aren’t strictly meant for a home bar. Whether you have a bar or not isn’t the important bit, what’s important is how valuable of an investment Scandinavian style bar stools make because of the many ways you can incorporate them in your home. More so as they are available in different sizes.

You could start with the kitchen or dining room, using them in combination with a kitchen island or as extra seating around the dining table; they come in handy when you need to fit more seats in a small space.

Outside these rooms, you have the freedom to use them just about anywhere you see fit which is exactly where the beauty of the design lies. The clean lines of the stools bring about understated sophistication to any room, including the living room.

Besides seating, they would blend in with the décor serving as magazine table, extra coffee table, instead of ottoman, or simply decorate it with a tray. You can make them anything you want them to be, even awkward empty corner fillers.

Thanks to the functional design, you can add them in the bathroom without worrying they would seem misplaced. They especially come in handy with more compact bathrooms where being space-savvy is of the essence. Need storage for towels or beauty products? Count on a bar stool.

In case you have a vanity table in the bedroom, they are ideal to be used in a combination with them, it doesn’t matter whether the styles are different – they’d give you the warm outcome you didn’t know you needed.

That’s the thing about Scandinavian furniture pieces and the design in general: it makes for a homely feel which would explain the popularity all these years.