Round Mirrors: A Sophisticated Choice for the Modern Home

The very first mirrors were actually made out of volcanic stones, also known as obsidians, that were polished until they featured a surface clear and reflective enough to allow people to see into them and get their image back. Of course, mirrors were quite an expensive thing back then, so not everyone could afford one. 

As time passed, mirrors, as we know them, were developed, but still, they weren’t just like the ones we have today. A coating of silver was added to them to help with the reflectiveness as well as the durability of the mirroring surface. After a while, this practice was also replaced with what we truly know today to be a mirror. 

Not a luxury item anymore, mirrors are widely dispersed nowadays and virtually everyone has at least one mirror in their home. Still, however common they may be, there are still differences between them in their shape, style and design of the frame. Today, however, I’d like to concentrate on one specific shape – the round mirror. 

Round Mirrors: An Evergreen Home Decor Item

round mirror

Quite a statement piece, round mirrors have been around for quite a while now and have, since their conception, been considered an item of luxury. With their spherical shape catching the eye immediately, round mirrors are a much better option than rectangular ones for anyone who loves having unusual and special items fill their home. 

Round mirrors have always been an item that can truly add to a space aesthetically, not just make it more functional, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s such an evergreen. From the Victorian era when round mirrors were the talk of the town to today when round mirrors are still a hot topic, there was never a time where you would have chosen wrong by choosing to buy a round wall mirror for whichever room of your home. 

In the bathroom, they add elegance, in the walkway – a bit of a luxe touch, in the living room they serve to bring in dimension and accent, and in the bedroom, they prepend style and functionality. As I said, there is a huge variety of round wall mirrors available for purchase, so here’s how to shave off some of the competition and choose the best round wall mirror for you. 

Decide on the Frame Material 

round mirror frame

Frames for round mirrors can come in a seriously wide selection of materials. This is an excellent thing for every homeowner out there as it means that no matter what type of home decor style you have going on you’ll be able to add a round mirror to it and have it look flawless. 

For anyone who holds minimalism dear options like shiny or matte metal, impressionable copper, unusual leather, or natural wood are excellent. Any of these will continue your sleek and modern styling pattern and will add their own charm to it. For those who love all things vintage, options like rattan, wood, gum, and any metal option will make sure you get a reflection filled with that special olden energy you love. 

Lovers of all things rustic can count on copper and wood, but especially leather as quite the unexpected, but perfect addition to their homes. Rarely found, leather frames are a true showstopper and can really deepen the effect you’re trying to display. Hang some greenery around them and add that classic touch of yellow lighting and you have yourself a miraculously beautiful rustic centrepiece that’s fit for any interior design magazine’s pages. 

Decide on the Colour 

metal round mirror

All of these options, from the metallics to the rattan can come in a selection of different colours. 

Gum, for example, can be either spotted or rose-coloured. If you like this option you can choose to have one in the hallway and one in the bedroom to keep things connected, but still diverse. The metals can range from classic gold and silver to deep copper shades and end with black, white, or anything in between. They are excellent for maintaining an image while switching it up at the same time. The natural woods can also come in different natural colours or with various shades of stain applied to them to allow you to match them to already-existing wooden elements within the home. 

I’d go on about the diverse colours for every single material type, but I feel like you get the drift. 

There are often half-and-half options for both colours and materials, available to anyone who likes to experiment a little bit and bring their signature, adventuristic spirit right into their home. 

Decide on the Placement 

round mirror

As I mentioned before, your round mirror will be a centrepiece of its own whether you want it to or not, but you can always help it out a bit by placing it in the right places and adding the right things to enhance its appeal. 

In the bedroom, you can add your mirror above the bed or in front of a vanity. In the kitchen, a small round mirror can add dimension and a bit of fun. Place it away from hanging kitchen elements for best results. In the living room you can have it above the couch or on a side wall, just make sure its reflection doesn’t get in the way of your TV or seating area. In the hallway, you can place your mirror right beside the front door to be able to get one last look before you step out or have it together with some of your favourite family pictures as a little accent piece. This can also work for the living room.

Either way you choose to go, it’s important to remember that your round mirror is an accent detail as much as a functional item, so its placement should cater to both.