Recovery 4X4 Gear: The Popular and Indispensable Accessories

I’m sure you had all fun and games in mind when you set your eyes on a 4×4. How can you not? If there’s a vehicle built for adventures, it’s got to be one of the many 4x4s. Apart from the high towing and weight carrying capacity, these vehicles were created to give you the freedom of going to off-road places few have gone to, and awaken the adventurer in you.

Recovery Tracks

Same as every car, there are plenty of accessories you can amp up your car with, but when it comes to a 4×4, the most popular, and essential accessories, are the ones meant for recovery, such as the recovery track, and electric winch. As scary as it may sound, the chances you could end up in a sticky situation are high, considering there are many remote areas all across our beautiful country.

But then again, such areas lead to breathtaking secret beaches , which are all worth it come to think of it – I’m sure you’d agree with me on this, dear reader. If you’re up for exploring some of the secluded places, be sure to bring a pair of recovery track, and electric winch with you.

Recovery tracks nowadays more than outlive their purpose; they are designed to be resilient, and fit various terrains, from sand and mud, to grass, and snow to name a few. Their double ramp design, with comfortable side handles, mounting points and special teeth pattern surface make for utmost performance, convenience, stability, and portability.

These are the typical essential accessories, particularly if you’re enjoying a solo adventure as they can help you unstuck your 4×4 without any help in sight. Just place them under the stuck tyres and you’d be good to go in no time. You’d be surprised to find those models that are two-in-one, serving as a shovel too, so you’d save yourself the bother of carrying a shovel too.

Winches have gotten their share of upgrading as well over the years, so you can find the affordable electric one, with a motor of more than five horsepower, with properties such as weather and corrosion resistant, to be of service to you time and time again. Since it’s been often discussed that the winch can drain your 4×4’s battery, be sure to check up on it and upgrade it if necessary; the last thing you need is being pulled with a winch, and ending up with a dead battery.

You never know when you might find yourself in a sticky situation, and whether or not you’re going to have the help, which is exactly what makes these two the basic accessory considerations. It’s needless to say you are also advised to equip yourself with a first aid kit prior to embarking on an off-road adventure! Stay safe, and enjoy!