Prevent Not Cure: Without Proper Care Your Teeth Will Decay (slow but sure)

When you don’t properly manage your oral health on time, you may find yourself spending a small fortune on restorative dental care later on. As of late, dentistry has gone from being a reactive field to a preventive one, helping people avoid dental problems, rather than get caught up in treating them for a long period of time.

The Australian Dental Association recommends a minimum of two dental checkups with cleanings a year. This alone can help preventing gum disease and tooth loss. Why twice a year? According to Melbourne dentist specialists, cavities can develop as quickly as in three to four months. If left untreated, cavities will grow into the root and infect the nerve resulting in pain. Typically, this is when most people become aware that they have a problem and may end up with a root canal or lose a tooth.


With regular check-ups, a dentist is able to find cavities before they reach the nerve and repair them with a less complex treatment such as filling. And with cutting-edge, non-invasive technologies that Melbourne dentist specialists use today, such as digital X-rays and laser diagnostics, cavities can actually be found before they fully develop and can even be prevented or reversed.

Broken teeth are another major problem that patients suffer. However, with preventive checkups, dentists can find the settle weak points and cracks before they fracture. Early detection is important because broken teeth may require extensive procedures such as root canals and crowns and in some cases can’t be repaired at all. A custom night guard may be suggested to help prevent fractures from forming if you are at risk. Night guards help prevent joint damage and can prevent or stop jaw pain or headaches. Newer technologies are also available to help with cosmetic issues. Some of them include replacing old silver fillings with a tooth colored filling which bonds to the tooth instead of acting as a wedge.

As you can see, by focusing on preventive dental care you can avoid extensive and preventable dentistry and lead a healthier life. By finding the right Melbourne dentist for you, one that focuses on prevention, you can save yourself from a lifetime of dental problems in the future.

Considering the fact that oral health plays a tool in your overall health, preventive dentistry can also benefit your overall well being. Oral diseases can impact speaking, eating, daily activities and even your self-esteem. Visit your dentist regular as to have the opportunity to spot problems early, and deal with them before they get worse.