The Most Popular Wireless Security Alarm Systems

If you are looking to protect your home, the first thing that comes to mind must be wireless security alarm systems. These security systems are widely used by many Australian families for many reasons. Perhaps the biggest advantage of these alarm systems is the installation cost. You can save hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars by choosing the wireless home security system. Today, the wireless security alarm systems are greatly improved, and include all the characteristics of the hard-wired security systems. You can use traditional sensors, lighting controllers, infrared motion detectors, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and even circuit closed cameras.

When it comes to choosing the wireless home security system, you should consider all the available options on the market. The security system that supports many different detector options and sensors is always a better choice. Here are some of the most popular wireless security alarm systems you can choose from. Choose only the wireless home security system that best suits your needs.

Popular Wireless Security Alarm Systems

Simon XTi – This wireless home security system is one of the newest on the market. It is a self contained wireless alarm system that combines the functionality of the previous models with a two-way talking touchscreen which is very easy to use. It is very flexible and can be used for commercial and residential properties. It supports 40 wireless zones, phone lines, IP and cellular communication. Also, you can control the alarm system from your iPad, iPhone, Android or from your computer.

Bosch Ultima 880 – This wireless home security system is the most reliable and most commonly used alarm system in Australia. If installed properly by professional and trained technicians, Bosch Ultima 880 wireless home security system is a perfect solution if you want to secure your home and protect your family. It comes with the newest and unbeatable Bosch technology; it has motion sensors that are carefully and automatically tested; and also it will not interfere with your Wi-Fi connection.

Honeywell Security Lynx Touch L5000 – This alarm system comes with many home security features. It has a full color touchscreen that makes the controlling operation an easy task. You can control the system simply with Android apps and iPhone apps as well. This L5000 wireless home security system supports 64 wireless zones and has voice recognition option.

Visonic PowerMax Pro – This Visonic PowerMax Pro wireless home security system is all-in-one solution and is quite flexible with modern and unique design. It is easy to install with option for GPRS/GSM installations or broadband communication. The Visonic PowerMax Pro supports 28 wireless zones and can even report to monitoring stations. It is designed in accordance with the international regulations and standards.