The Most Popular Types Of Car Transmission In Australia


If you are not a car expert then you probably wonder why car transmission is so important. Well, imagine driving only at one speed. You will not get far, would you? That is exactly what transmission does for your car – it allows different speeds while driving. There are several types of car transmission in Australia, but the most popular one is the automatic car transmission. In fact, 70% of the cars driven in Australia are automatic. However, regardless of the transmission type of your car, it is crucial to find a reliable transmission services Melbourne shop to ensure impeccable car performance. Yes, drivers say that automatic transmission car repairs Melbourne is more expensive than the manual transmission, however there are no reports which state which type of transmission is more prone to repairs. It all comes down to car model and make, engine, maintenance, etc. Here are different types of transmissions that can be found in modern cars today.

Manual Transmission – This type of car transmission allows drivers to manually shift the gear(s). Inside the manual transmission, there is a cluster of gear sets that actually do all the work. The input shaft of the transmission is connected to the splines of the clutch disk, which is turned by the motor power. Since the input shaft is connected to the engine crankshaft, power is transmitted through the gears to the output shaft. On both shafts, there is a set of gears and selectors connected to the mechanism of the transmission which act every time you select the right gear. The input shaft of the manual transmission allows the driver to speed to the limit the engine has, however the output shaft is determined by the RMP and the gear driver has selected. You may hear a grinding noise when you try to change gears without depressing the clutch. If so, take your car to a reliable transmission services Melbourne shop and have it inspected.

Automatic Transmission –Automatic transmission is the most popular type of transmission used in Australia. Unlike the manual transmission, the automatic car transmission does not have a clutch pedal or gear shift, thus you cannot manually change gears. Since automatic cars depend heavily on computers, it is recommended to use the services of a trustworthy car repairs Melbourne workshop every time you suspect anything is wrong. Both manual and automatic transmission performs the same thing, but in a different way. In order to change the gear, the automatic transmission combines three systems, a torque convert, one or two sets of planetary gears and a hydraulic control system. What the clutch is in a manual transmission, the torque converter is in automatic transmission but with one difference – it can multiply the engine power. With the help of the torque converter, the input shaft goes faster than the engine speed. In order to stop parts of the gear from moving and to allow other to move freely, the automatic transmission uses a complex system of valves and pumps. Since the system is quite complex choose a reliable transmission services Melbourne shop every time you need to fix a transmission problem.

CVT – This type of car transmission has been known for years, but is becoming more popular lately. Continuously Variable Transmission uses two pulleys that are V shaped, one that is fixed and other that is moved on the shaft by the hydraulic pressure. There is a V-belt that sits between the pulleys and moves up and down in the groove, causing different gear ratios. This transmission type provides smoother ride and better fuel efficiency. If your car has CVT transmission, do not attempt to do any repairs on your own. Take the vehicle to a reliable car repairs Melbourne workshop to ensure impeccable car performance.