Popular Trends: Groundcover Plants

If you are up for solving your landscape problems with style and want to merge functionality, dependability and aesthetics in one, groundcover plants are your solution number one. Some of the most common landscape problems that these plants solve are: erosion, lack of texture in narrow spaces created by paving stones and filling a piece of landscape where nothing grows due to constant shade or dry conditions. Read on to find out exactly which types of groundcover plants will help you achieve your unique goals:



This lavish and fuzzy plant loves the sun and the occasional shade where its silvery leaves can prosper. It can grow up to one meter long, depending on how much sunlight is available to it. Its flower blooms in many different colours such as: pink, purple, violet or even red (during summer).

Australian Native Violet

Coming from eastern Australia and the Western Pacific Islands, this evergreen perennial plant grows up to 10cm and can spread widely by trailing stolons that root at the nodes. This plant always blooms with wonderful flowers and its green leaves are kidney shaped. It can grow in hot weather conditions and it can also thrive in shade for longer periods of time.


The best groundcover plant for the Australian weather is thyme. It comes with an interesting history, going all the way back to ancient Egypt when it was used for embalming the remains of the deceased Pharaohs. With pleasant and distinctive smell, this plants has tiny leaves and flowers that can be used fresh or dry for the purpose of cooking or just for their pleasant smell. It has gray-green leaves with pink blooms.


These tall flowers, with succulent leaves and stems, can thrive in dry conditions, and they bloom in various colours like white, pink, red-purple – depending on the type. Sedums are usually used for green roofs and living walls because they are adaptable. They are most suitable in the sun and partial shade conditions.

Juniperus sabina ‘Tamariscifolia

Also, know as namestamarisk-leaved savin comes from the family of Cupressaceae, can prostate or erect while growing with aromatic sharp leaves and small globose fruits. Can grow 1.5m tall and 2.5m wide, with prickly dark green overlapping branches.

These plants can enliven your garden, help hide the flaws and create a colourful spectre to rest your eyes on. They are a precious gift from nature that requires little nurturing attention, so there is no reason why one should not consider taking advantage of some of the gorgeous groundcover plants.