The Most Popular All Terrain Crane Makers

Cranes are definitely the most important construction machines, because without them the task of lifting and moving heavy loads would be impossible. There are many different crane types available on the market, and each model is used for a specific purpose. One particular model that is widely used today and which can be found at every construction site all over Australia is the all terrain crane. This model is also known as all terrain mobile crane because of the mobility and flexibility it provides. The all terrain cranes combine the ability to lift heavy loads with the ability to move easily on the roads and highways. These machines have the capability to perform various tasks on every type of ground surface and under any weather condition.

All terrain cranes are usually included in short-term construction projects, such as construction of a building or in erection works with the possibility to be moved immediately from one site to another once the work is completed. The all terrain cranes usually come with two engines: one chassis engine that powers up the transmission system and the crane engine that drives the hydraulic pumps which are used for the hoists of the crane. There are many all terrain crane manufacturers in the world, but the most popular are Terex and Manitowoc.



Terex is a world known manufacturer of construction machines and equipment, including all terrain cranes. The company offers a wide range of 19 all terrain crane models with different specifications and configurations, from the short length AC 30 all terrain crane with lifting capacity of around 20-30 tons, to the AC 700 model which is described as the largest and most powerful all terrain crane. The AC 100 model is the most commonly used all terrain crane from Terex. This model comes with specially designed boom that is capable to lift and move loads up to 25 tons with a radius of around 33 meters. The AC 100 all terrain crane comes with stabilizer system that allows the crane to perform even in the most difficult terrains. The AC 300 model is Terex latest all terrain crane edition. This model comes with special quick setup and optimized jib for increased lifting capacity.



Manitowoc is another world known manufacturer of all terrain cranes. The most popular models are: GMK 5115, GMK 5135, and the GMK 5225. The first two models, the GMK 5115 and the GMK 5135, have the capability to lift loads up to 115 and 135 tons, and can reach heights up to 85 and 115 meters respectively. These machines along with the third model, the GMK 5225, feature a boom, suspension system and four-wheel driving system. The four-wheel driving system ensures that every wheel remains on the ground every time. All operations of the crane are managed and controlled by the ECOS electronic system. All models come with a standard Mercedes engine, but Cummins engines are also an option.

Other popular all terrain crane manufacturers that are worth mentioning are: Liebherr, Tadano, Link-Belt, Little Giant Corp., etc. For more information, browse online for available all terrain cranes for sale.