The Most Popular Telehandler Attachments

Telehandler, or also known as telescopic handler, is a machine that operates as a forklift and looks like a crane. By combining the advantages of both machines, the telehandler offers an incredible versatility and great outreach. Telehandlers are widely used in the construction and agricultural industry for handling a variety of materials. Despite being highly versatile, there are many telehandler attachments which increase the versatility even more. To complete a lifting or handling application quickly and efficiently, you only need to choose a suitable attachment for your telehandler. Bellow you can see which are the most popular telehandler attachments.


Forks – The forks are definitely the most popular telehandler attachments, since they can be used for various applications. They provide additional support that enables telehandlers to lift larger objects with ease. There are different forks and they are used for specific applications, such as pallet fork for handling heavier pallets and lumber forks for wider lumber stacks.

Standard Carriage – Commonly regarded as a fork, the standard carriage is the most commonly used telehandler attachment, simply because it is suitable for any operation. Available in different sizes to suit different applications, the standard carriage is perfect for moving pallets around your job site. Each carriage can be adjusted from side to side.

Auger – For light digging applications, you can equip your telehandler with auger. The auger is designed to boost your efficiency, no matter if you use the telehandler for loading, carrying or scooping loose materials around your job site. However, the auger is generally used for drilling post holes and digging holes in yards.

Work Platform – The work platform is one of the most commonly used telehandler attachments, because it can lift you and your tools to specific height where certain work needs to be done. The maximum lifting height of the work platforms varies, and you need to choose the work platform according to your needs since bigger work platforms cost more.

Utility Bucket – Last but not the least, the utility bucket is also one of the most popular telehandler attachments. If you need to load, carry or scoop loose materials around your job site, or to transport mulch to another work area with your telehandler, the utility bucket is the perfect telehandler attachment for you.