The Most Popular Server Rack Accessories


The server racks are widely used in offices and homes with a purpose to organize the network equipment and to provide an extra floor or wall space for other equipment or devices. Most server racks come with additional server rack accessories. The server rack accessories often go along with server racks, as they increase the safety and the efficiency, simplify the cabling and maximize the floor/wall space. If your office is short on space, it is time to use rack accessories for your server rack. Not only more space, you will also have more organized network equipment. Despite having a huge number of server rack accessories, here are the most popular rack accessories that can be found on the market:

Adjustable Server Rack Shelf Rails – The adjustable server rack shelf rails are designed to work with all types of server racks, including 40U, 44U and 48U. These rack accessories are ideal for placing devices with no mounting hardware. You can adjust the depth and width according to your server rack. These shelf rails are usually made from steel for increased durability. The adjustable server rack shelf rail is one of the most affordable, yet most efficient server rack accessories.

Cable Management Systems– The increased demand for server racks around the world resulted with a need for organized cable management system, either inside or outside the rack. There are many different cable management systems to choose from, but they are all designed to organize cables within a server rack. Protect and organize your cables before they block the airflow of your server rack. These rack accessories will help you maintain your efficiency by organizing your cables with a vertical or horizontal organizer.

Air Flow Management Systems – For better airflow and safer operation, consider implementing an air flow management system. It is a smart and space-efficient device that is capable to manage and improve the airflow in the server racks. These server rack accessories can be founded in different types: Cooling fans, grommets, exhaust chimney, in row cooling, portable cooling, blanking panel and other types. Any server rack cooling equipment or system is easy to install.

UPS Power – The UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power is a back-up system that is used to provide uninterrupted power for all types of electronic devices. This device is very helpful when the power fails to supply the network equipment, and to ensure that no data is lost. It can provide power until the electricity comes back. These popular rack accessories come in three different types: line interactive, standby and double conversion online UPS power.