The Most Popular School Calculators Online


School calculators are essential gadgets for students for solving basic and complex mathematical problems with ease. Although there are many calculators online, the hand-held calculators are ideal for schools and universities. The calculators can be quite useful for home practicing or when doing homework. There are many shops for calculators in Australia, physical and online, offering a wide range of calculators. However, all calculators are not the same. For primary school students, the calculators are easy and simple to use, while for university students, the calculators come with more features and options for solving more complex mathematical problems. Here are the most popular school calculators in Australia:

TI-15 Explorer™ – TI-15 Explorer™ by Texas Industries is one of the most popular school calculators in Australia. Although it comes with many buttons, TI-15 Explorer™ is designed to help students from 3 to 6 grade to solve mathematical equations easily. Made from hard plastic and colored buttons, this calculator is ideal for primary students, but it can be quite efficient for college students as well.

Casio HL-4-BP – Casio HL-4-BP is a pocket calculator, designed for primary school students. This pocket calculator is a low-cost and durable solution, featuring a large display and buttons. Coming with a wallet case, the Casio HL-4-BP is the ideal solution for primary students that need to solve basic arithmetic equations.

HP 10s+ – HP 10s+ is one of the top-selling calculators online. It is a great gadget for high-school and college students. With compact and durable design, this calculator is perfect for math and science students for solving mathematical problems very quickly, given the fact that it provides 240 functions.

Sharp EL506XB-WH – Sharp EL506XB-WH is a unique and extremely efficient calculator. Most calculators in Australia are not programed to perform statistical operations, but this model can perform up to 469 statistical and scientific functions. It features a wide 2-line display, allowing the students to check both the equation and the answer at the same time.

Casio FX-115ES PLUS – Casio FX-115ES PLUS is a functional calculator, and like the HP 10s+, it is one of the best selling calculators online. With a new, natural display and efficient features, this calculator is suitable for high-school and college students for solving general math, algebra, engineering and scientific tasks. The Casio FX-115ES PLUS allows the students to review or to edit the entries, shows how the solution has been made and also has intuitive functions.