The Most Popular Romantic Books Of 2014

If you’re into romantic books and you’re interested which books were the most popular in 2014, you’re on the right spot. Let explore them:

Book Title: The Arrow / Author: Monica McCarty
Set in the beginning period of the fourteenth century in the midst of the Wars of Scottish Independence, this part of McCarty’s Highland Guard series starts in 1307 with the burning of a village in Scotland. There was only one survivor, a 15-year-old girl named Cate of Lochmaben, which is saved by Gregor “Arrow” MacGregor, a member of an elite Highland warrior band.

The Arrow takes little Cate to his home and leaves for five years by going in battle. When he gets back, he sees how beautiful Catharine has become, who is vowed to win the love of Gregor. What’s more amazing than Cate’s love are Gregor’s love poems for her from the heart. The author’s gift is making strong characters that are entertaining and end up in unexpected scenarios.

The Most Popular - The Most Popular Romantic Books Of 2014


Book Title: Evernight / Author: Kristen Callihan
The steampunk-paranormal-historical romance hybrids might be the best book of Callihan’s Darkest London series. When Will Thorne, half human – half demon, gets his heart ripped from his chest, Holly Evernight – the genius, creates a heart from clockwork in order to keep Will alive. Will vows to revenge, because the newly put heart is turning him to metal, but then he discovers that Holly can cure him. Soon we find out that the magic that saves him – destroys her, his true love. The stakes of their love get higher and higher with each page.
Book Title: Fool Me Twice / Author: Meredith Duran
In this book, we are introduced with the Duke of Mariwick, who is handsome and terrifying, who is believed to have gone wildly mad by being betrayed and losing his wife. Duke is like a Byronic hero from the classics, locked in a cage, until he meets Olivia Holladay and somehow she ends up freeing him. As we can see the power of the real alpha male, Olive is helplessly drawn to Marwick’s unreachable darkness. The author shows why we love these heroes through beautiful love poems for her from the heart: When revealing their secrets, they risk and show their emotions.
Book Title: Suddenly Last Summer / Author: Sarah Morgan
“For me, love isn’t possible,” is what Elise Bonnet says to the surgeon Sean O’Neil on a late night eve in Morgan’s “Suddenly Last Summer.” Elise has a past full of tragedies. She ran away from an abusive husband from Paris to Vermont, where she started a new life working as a chef at a winter resort. Even though she promised herself she wouldn’t get in to relationships, the charming, smart and handsome Sean is hard to stay away from.

He confesses his love through amazing love poems for her from the heart and is left torn apart when she panics. This leaves readers worried if she will ever forget her past and look to a brighter future. Indeed it is a happy love story and the happy ending is easy to assume, but we still do want to see how the author will do it, which is the hallmark of a beautiful romance.
Book Title: When The Duke Was Wicked / Author: Lorraine Heath
(Avon) Grace Mabry the lady who is the protagonist in “When the Duke Was wicked” has her mind set of marrying for true love. She finds a duke that teaches her the differences between someone who wants to love and write love poems for her from the heart and someone who hunts for fortune, which is what any self-respecting and self-loving young lady in the Victorian times of London would want to do.

Sadly, that duke is the one she’s been searching for, but regardless of his promise to never love again because of the passing of his loved wife, when it comes to lady Grace, he can’t help himself, but break his promise. The question that this author asks us is why the heroine is so intent to marry for love. The author is recognized for her deep emotional romances, these beautiful love poems for her from the heart and this novel is none the less, the protagonist is dazzled by her own strengths, which brings tears and sighs to every reader.