Popular Pet Trends: EzyDog Harness – Have a Ball With Your Dog in the Great Outdoors

We all want what’s best for our best friends, right? And there’s no better friend than a dog. Taking your favorite buddy for a walk requires proper training, patience, and use of a proper dog lead for his type, either in the form of a collar or a harness. The most frequently used ones are collars, but lately, harnesses has gained more and more popularity among dog lovers due to various reasons. When using a collar, sometimes you might feel as if you are choking your pet, increasing the chances of injuring him accidentally. Moreover, chances are he might just slip out of the collar on a busy intersection and get in harms way.

The use of a dog harness makes these issues nonexistent, as it encircles the whole torso of your pet with the help of loops and straps. They can be costlier than a normal leash, so you need to make sure you are getting the most value for your money, meaning, you want to buy a quality harness, such as an EzyDog harness, from a reputable shop. A good retailer will offer various types of harnesses that will help you train your dog and teach him how not to pull you as you walk together, are stylish and comfortable for all dog breeds. When looking to buy an EzyDog harness, there are things other than the type to be considered.

EzyDog Harness

  • Fabric type is essential. Durability, strength and stability are dependent on the fabric. You want thick and robust materials for larger dogs that pull harder. For smaller dogs, more flimsy materials are acceptable, thus buy according to the size of your dog. How the materials are stitched is also of vital importance.
  • The corners of the harness are also an important consideration. Rounded corners are the best ones, especially at the neck, arms, legs and strap areas. This allows the dog to move more freely.
  • The length of the straps on the harness needs to be appropriate and according to the dog’s size. It shouldn’t extend further than the waistline, right past the ribs. It should fit exactly like a vest, covering just about half of the back.
  • Try the harness at the shop – the vet will show you how to put it on your dog. Plus, you can try different sizes to see which one he is most comfortable with.
  • The appearance is also important – you can choose the one you like best from the multiple colours and patterns, so it looks awesome on your dog in contrast with his fur.

Next time you put the harness on your furry little friend, I bet he’ll be looking forward an amazing time spent with you with his new comfortable EzyDog harness. Have fun!