Popular New Ways of Using Zipper Bags


Zipper bags are inexpensive food storage staples that can be found in any kitchen. Whether used for packing sandwiches or for storing fruit and veggies, they are quite versatile. But the uses of zipper plastic bags go far beyond food storage! I’m the kind of person who loves to organize and I have found zipper bags to be a great way to keep things around my house tidy and nicely organized. Here are some of the unique alternative ways to use them around the house.

Keep Craft Supplies Organized

Use one zipper bag for pony beads, one for craft sticks, other for pom poms, etc. Then, you can store all the bags in a shoe box to keep all your craft supplies in one easy-to-reach place.

As Toy Storage

zip lock toys packaging bags

Zipper bags are a great way to store your kids’ puzzle pieces, Legos, game/trading card or marbles, and anything with small pieces that otherwise you’d usually step on accidentally in the middle of the night. My kids always find something to store in a zipper bag and if it means saving my soles and a semi-organized child’s bedroom, then I’m for it!

Office Supply Storage

zipper bag office supplies

I use various sizes of zip plastic bags to store stamps, paper, and pens for writing notes or paying bills. I also use them to stow markers to prevent ink stains and to keep paintbrushes moist during do-it-yourself projects.

To Protect Your Tablet or Phone While Cooking

tablet in a zipper bag

Throw your phone or tablet in a zip bag to protect it from grease and food spills. It is also a great idea to do with your electronics when you are somewhere they might get wet. Please keep in mind that putting your phone or table in a zip bag won’t make them waterproof, only a little water resistant.

As Grated Cheese Catcher

I usually place the grater in a zipper bag as I shred a block of cheese to catch all the shaving and keep the kitchen counter clean.

As Frosting Dispenser

When I’m out of pastry bags, I use a zip bag to decorate cakes or cupcakes. I simply scoop frosting into the bag, seal it shut, snip off a tiny corner, and start piping.

For Easy Travel Access

travel zipper bag

When traveling, I like to put full outfits into large zipper bags for easy access. For example, I usually pack an entire outfit (pants, a T-shirt, underwear, and socks) in a bag for my kids so when they are out of the tub I have everything I need right there to get them ready. This saves me precious time digging through the suitcase to find that missing sock.

To Keep My Bag Dry After the Beach

When my family is done at the pool or the beach, I pack our swimsuits in a zipper bag to keep my tote and the car dry.