Most Popular New Living Translation Bibles

The sole purpose of every New Living Translation Bible is to bring the ancient Hebrew and Greek texts closer to the modern readers. Unlike the other Bible versions, the books from New Living Translation are focused on translating entire thoughts rather than words in plain English. Thus, the translations are much easier to read and understand. All in all, the modern Bibles such as the New International Version, The Book For Teens and the New Living Translation are faithful to the old Hebrew and Greek texts, and deliver the message to the modern readers in a simple and unique way.


The books from New Living Translation are widely used by pastors and Christians believers all over the world. Ninety Bible scholars managed to produce and to deliver the closest translations of the original languages which are used in the Bible. Here are some of the most popular New Living Translation books that will bring you closer to God:

NLT Worldwide Edition Burgundy –One of the reasons why people read the Bible is to find peace and to strengthen their faith in God. However, some people find it difficult to understand the Bible. For all those who struggle to understand the Bible readings, the NLT Worldwide Edition Burgundy is here to help. A simple and easy-to-read Bible translation that deals with life’s issues, and teaches readers how to overcome difficult moments. This amazing New Living Translation book helps readers to renew their faith in God. Practically, this book acts as a guidance to everyday life.

NLT Gift & Award Burgundy –The NLT Gift & Award Burgundy Bible is one of the most popular translations ever. This book from New Living Translation offers a visual presentation, the words of Christ are marked with red, pages and maps come in different colors. All for the sake of the readers. Designed in this way, the readers can easily read and understand the words of God. If you want to help your friend to find the right path in his/her life, this would be the best gift.

NLT Thinline Bible Black Indexed –This New Living Translation Bible is both functional and easy to carry with you. You can take the NLT Bible with you when you head to work, to church or even when you travel out of town. Thanks to its small size, you can keep God’s words ‘close to your heart’ (at your convenience) no matter where you go. It’s quite handy and affordable. It comes with ribbon marker, two-column format, three full color maps, and 19 index tabs on the page edges for easy reference.

NLT Vintage Gift Collection: Hope Devotional New Testament –The Hope Devotional New Testament is a beautifully packed, purse-sized Bible that elaborates topics of hope, love and faith. This edition contains proverbs, psalms and faith-themed situation form the New Testament. Ideal for boosting your faith, and to eliminate your fears.