The Most Popular Massage Chairs

Today, more and more people are recognizing the benefits of massage chairs because they relieve pain and stress and rejuvenate bodies. Yes, human touch is almost impossible to duplicate and there are no doubts about it, however, many popular massage chairs, thanks to innovative technology and modern designs, can do exactly that. Aside from being equipped with latest technology, popular massage chairs are convenient, offer privacy and on demand massage. Thus, investing in a popular massage chair is a very good idea. But which model to choose? Here are few the most popular massage chair models these days.

Massage Chairs

3D Chiro Luxury Recliner – This luxury recliner offers the ultimate level of relaxation therapy and muscular treatment. The unique features of this popular massage chair are the pin-point accuracy and intelligent 3D movement system and adaptation you can make with the LCD control screen to the exact pain area of your back. Recent surveys have shown that people who have used this popular massage chair praise about its unique features claiming that the features alone deliver a massage better than any traditional massage from professional massage therapists. This 3D Chiro Luxury Recliner is ideal for soothing muscles and complete relaxation.

Pure Therapy PT500 Remote Control Operated Recliner – This popular massage chair provides soothing massage that enhances relaxation and improves blood circulation. Automated programs make the massage experience even more enjoyable. This recliner offers various massage techniques – tap, press and knock, shiatsu, knead and tap, etc. and is great for relieving stress from your back. It features high quality leather that is easy to clean and because it comes with a remote control, it allows you to customize your massage to match your needs.

Physio Plus Luxury Recliner – This massage chair takes the muscular massage treatment to the next level. It is equipped with latest technology and has built-in arm massagers which are excellent for treating painful muscles in the elbows, wrists and forearms. Moreover, these popular massage chairs feature optical sensors that take a detailed scan of your back and identify your key points and in some sense, profile your body. Given data is then programmed into the system to provide massage treatment that matches your body shape.