The Most Popular Male Pattern Baldness Treatments


If you suffer from Male pattern hair loss, then it’s time to take matter into your hands and find the perfect solution for your problem. The medicine today is very advanced, meaning that there are various solutions for the male pattern hair loss problem. The reasons why men go bald are numerous. No need to feel depressed or frustrated. Try some of the most popular male pattern baldness treatments that can help you with your hair loss problem.

Which treatment will suit you best, depends primarily on your condition and budget. Below are the most popular male pattern baldness cure options. Go over each one of them and choose the one that you believe is best for you and start enjoying your life again.

Hair Transplantation – If you have bald spot on sides and temple, then this male pattern baldness cure is the right solution for you. Also, if you feel uncomfortable wearing a wig or other hair pieces, you should definitely go with hair transplantation. This is a simple surgical procedure that involves removing hair from the back of your head and transplanting it on the bald spots. There is no pain and recovery period is short. Some men start losing hair on the forehead even in their teens. If this is the case with you, it means your hair loss problem is hereditary. Thus, hair transplantation is a preferable option as medication will not do anything for you.

Hair Pieces – While some men accept balding, others lose self-confidence and feel like they have lost their attractiveness. For this reason, in the last few years, hair pieces have become a very popular male pattern baldness cure for many. Celebrities like John Travolta, Robert Pattinson, Ted Danson wear hair pieces to cover bald spots and camouflage their hair problem. Be part of the trend and say goodbye to all your hair problems with this unique male pattern baldness cure. You will find a wide selection of styles and colours you can choose from.

Scalp Micro-Pigmentation – The most popular male pattern baldness cure these days is definitely the scalp micro-pigmentation. It is ideal for men that are looking for effective, scar-free hair loss solution. Results are noticeable after the first two treatments. Experts use their talent and tattooing skills to replicate the hair follicle on your head. People will start asking if your hair is growing again. This cosmetic tattoo technique is the most effective male pattern hair loss treatment that gives bald men a head full of thick hair follicles. Experts use a variation of needles that imitate the natural hair and give the illusion of shaved head.