Popular Living Room Décor Trends: Add Soft Texture and Bold Design with Decorative Sofa Cushions

If you’re looking for a practical and cost-effective way to decorate your living room – you’ve come to the right place! Living rooms frequently end up becoming storage places for items, and the constant use and abuse might make one appear worn out. Many people see the task of remodelling their living room as being too overwhelming to tackle. So, before you get bogged in re-painting, re-carpeting, or replacing your old furniture, think about the concept of employing a few cushions to brighten up your space.

Make sure to check out these luxury couch cushions that will freshen up the look of your living room! These hand-crafted stylish throw pillows are made from a soft natural linen material. They provide comfort for the whole family, as well as visual interest with their rich textural finishes and soothing colours. Scroll down to discover how to decorate your sofa with these trendy décor pieces!

Your Cushions Shouldn’t Match Your Couch

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When you purchase a sofa, retailers often include matching throw pillows with it. However, it’s a bad idea to incorporate these in your décor. Do yourself a favour and immediately give the cushions to charity if they match your couch. The addition of pillows to your living room is a wonderful way to bring colour and texture to the space.

Matching sofa cushions are a complete waste since they will blend in with the couch and appear like lumpy pieces of furniture. Include some pillows that contrast effectively with the colour of your sofa and other colours in the space. It may be just as impactful as hanging a fresh piece of art on your walls.

Select a Colour Palette

Even more so than choosing the pillows themselves, this is most likely the crucial phase in your approach. This is because they tie all the components of your space together and contribute to a chic, coordinated appearance if you choose them properly.

Living rooms have a lot of vibrant colours and patterns. You add colour to your home in many ways – through your walls, the designs on your drapes, the artwork hanging on your wall, and any coffee tables, flowers, china, or other items you may have.

In a living room, there is frequently a lot going on which often makes the space feel crowded and out of place. By choosing your pillows based on the colours already present in your living room, you can quietly bring the space’s crowded décor together and make the colours complement one another rather than compete.

How to Choose a Colour Palette for Your Decorative Cushions?

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So, let’s start choosing your colour scheme! Sit with your laptop in hand in the centre of the room to get the ideal results. Look around you carefully and attempt to pick out two or three colours that fit the following descriptions:

  • The colour must be present in another component of your space, such as your drapes, a wall painting, or a vase on the coffee table.
  • Choose colours for your living room cushions that complement each other. Choose pillows that are not too vibrant and loud.
  • Consider your choice carefully since it will influence the type of pillows you pick and serve as the unifying element of your living space.
  • Use an online colour swatch to help you determine your precise colours. By doing this, you can easily access your colours when it comes time to buy pillows. Go through your online cushion retailer while consulting your couch cushions colour scheme to make sure you get the proper shade.

The Perfect Number of Cushions

The number of pillows you get depends on the interior design style that you prefer. You should choose an even number of pillows if you like a more conventional living room with rich colours. An odd number of pillows is great if you want a more contemporary or eclectic appearance.

The size and quantity of seating furniture in your living room will significantly impact how many cushions you buy. Three-seaters can accommodate up to 5 pillows, two-seaters up to 4, and one-seaters should just use one pillow.

Mix Up the Shapes and Sizes

If your pillows are the same size, they might make your couch look too plain. On the other hand, varying your pillows’ sizes and shapes will add some charm to your living space. Purchase two pillows of various sizes made of the same pattern, then add some solid hues. Another option is to get 4-5 different pillows and make them all fit together while keeping to your colour scheme.

How to Properly Arrange Cushions on Your Couch?

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It might sound unusual, but the way you arrange your pillows has a big impact on the appearance of your sofa. While there is no set way to arrange your cushions, there are a few things you can do to maximize their impact. First, if you want a traditional-looking space, stick with the conventional arrangement of one matching or two matching pillows on either end of the couch. This is a great approach to creating a classic-looking living room.

When it comes to positioning pillows for a contemporary or eclectic aesthetic, there aren’t many restrictions. I’ve seen two-seater arrangements with a single, sizable cushion, and it looked amazing! I’ve also seen a sofa with so many pillows piled on top of it that there was hardly any room for anyone to sit, yet it still looked great.

Though, it’s ideal to go with an average of 3-5 pillows and have fun with your arrangement until you are certain of your styling. Try placing the squares at each end and the rectangle in the middle if you have four squares and one rectangle. Try the 3:2 layout with two down one end and three down the other if you have five squares.

When you are arranging cushions on the couch, keep in mind their colours. If you have a single cushion that features two or three hues from your colour palette, try to surround it with the other colours to help bind them all together. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to enjoy yourself during this. When you discover an arrangement that you like, keep it there for a few days to see if you still like it, and then switch things around once again.