Popular Landscaping Plants: Create a Front Yard That Will Make Your Neighbours Jealous

With most of the flower festivals finished and spring slowly leaving to allow hot summer to take over the streets of Melbourne, I became kind of fed up with the current look of my front yard and started looking for new ideas to beautify it. My front yard is of a medium size, nothing lavishly big like those in the movies, and definitely not a small, square metre or two type that’s only big enough for the entrance ‘welcome’ rug to be placed in it. When we first moved in the house, I created a small front yard where I could plant all kinds of different flora, simply because the greenery and freshness that plants provide is the type of beauty that has an effect on both mood and health.

The other reason why I wanted to have a front yard is rather selfish – I wanted to brag about it. And I still do, to be honest. But there’s a reason for this – I live in a neighbourhood where people pay a significant amount of money, time and effort to make their yards the object of admiration and jealousy. So every dollar I spent on my yard was actually highly justified, if you look at it from that perspective.


But besides having the available space, and of course, the budget to equip your yard with only the best plants for that environment, you also need to have at least some basic knowledge in gardening to choose the right plants and to properly plan the landscape layout. Perfect yards don’t just happen out of nowhere – there are certain exterior design rules to be followed. This post will introduce you to the currently most popular plants you can find in one of the many online nursery Melbourne facilities that offer a lot of plant diversity.

Camellia (Sweet Jane) – when you need a splash of colour

Greenery is the classic among landscaping ideas, but pure monochromatic greenery is more of a simple, dull exterior scheme rather than a creative expression of your love towards your yard. I’d avoid full greenery in the front yard, and I’d break that colour monotony by choosing the Camellia – a plant that produces a lot of flowers in a gentle pink colour. Planting it here and there in the midst of the green heaven, will allow it to act as an eye-catchy detail, creating a colourful harmony. The Camellia, or Sweet Jane, can be found as an already grown plant in online nursery Melbourne based facilities, which is a good way to cut on the growing time for your plant.


The Carpobrotus Rossii – another dazzling piece of colour

The Carpobrotus Rossii is actually a succulent, and succulents are probably the easiest and most fun types of plants to work with. They don’t need much soil to grow on, and because of that they make a wonderful corner plant. Plus, they develop very bold foliage in screaming shades so they can easily be used for decorative purposes. Succulents often come in a large variety of examples, so choosing one should start with a visit to a nursery. With proper research on how to maintain them and how to use them for landscaping, they’d make a wonderful addition to the front yard.

As you can see, greenery is not the topic of discussion in this post. The reason for that is because in my opinion, greenery is the basic layout when we’re talking about lush, maintained and well-kept yards. Whether it’s grass, bushes or entirely green plants that don’t flower, green colour is the base on which you can freely show your landscaping skills and creativity.