The Most Popular JIB Cranes

Jib cranes are widely used, especially in industrial facilities or workshops as they are very efficient lifting equipment. A jib crane consists of a rotating boom attached to a vertical mast and a hoist, pneumatically or electrically operated. They can bring many benefits to any construction business, as it has many advantages over the well-known overhead crane.


One of the main advantages is that a common jib crane takes up only a little space, so that the owner will be able to use the floor space most efficiently. Despite its compactness, it is still an efficient machine, able to provide very quick loading and unloading of very heavy objects. If used on a daily basis, it is important to choose a very reliable and dependable machine. Luckily, today there are many manufacturers of different types of jib crane for sale, but not all stand for quality and reliability. So, before making any decision, it is recommended to check out some of the most popular jib cranes and find the right jib crane for sale for your application.


Wall Traveling Jib Crane

The wall traveling jib crane is the most popular jib crane and is widely used. It is able to carry goods independently, securing unobstructed material handling in all directions. The wall traveling jib crane is very similar to the wall fixed jib crane, only it covers the surrounding area of concrete columns without obstruction at floor level. The concrete columns are integrated so they move along a track and do not rotate. Usually the capacity of this jib crane for sale is a little over 9000 kg and its maximum rotation is 280 degrees. If you are looking for a reliable jib crane for sale, consider the wall traveling jib crane.


Wall-Mounted Jib Crane

The wall-mounted jib crane is another popular machine that is most efficient for quick handling of work pieces. It is mounted on a wall and fixed with reinforced concrete column. This jib crane can practically rotate around any corner in an industrial facility or a workshop. Most wall-mounted jib cranes have a manual pivot resistance regulator, while some feature parking brakes. As the wall-mounted jib crane is fixed with reinforced concrete column, it can rotate for 200 degrees and cover the area without obstruction at floor level.


Floor-Mounted Jib Crane

The floor-mounted jib crane is also popular, mainly because it is able to complete even the toughest applications. This self-supporting crane is efficient not only in everyday applications, but is commonly used in power plants, stockyards, smelting plants, mining excavators and foundries. Whether for indoor or outdoor applications, the floor-mounted jib crane for sale is a popular choice and is used in every second workstation, most commonly for supporting other cranes.