The Most Popular Industrial Electrical Equipment

The electrical equipment industry is experiencing a great increase in sales, as companies that produce a wide range of industrial electrical equipment continually come up with new and innovative products. More precisely, the electrical equipment market in the world is worth over $202 billion, which shows that the industry is growing about 5% every year. However, many industry experts claim that the best is yet to come. The power cables alone have accomplished world-wide sales of about $63 billion, which is more than 30% of the total amount.


Electrical tools and equipment are important for every job and for every industry. Workers need electrical tools and equipment to install the electrical systems into the industrial facilities. Workers in laboratories need electrical tools to create some electrical components or to test some product. Field workers need portable electrical tools and equipment to keep their operations running when wires are not fit. Thus, all industries need appropriate electrical tools and equipment. Today, most products require electrical motors, industrial lighting features, heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems and other electrical equipment. There are many different types of industrial electrical equipment used in various applications, but the most popular are: inverters, circuit breaker panels and power plugs.

Inverter – One of the most popular industrial electrical equipment is the inverter. It is a device that converts steady and continuous direct current (DC) that flows only in one direction, into a standard alternating current (AC) that flows in both directions. Powered by a battery of either 12V or 24V, the inverter can be charged by an engine of an automobile, gas generator, solar panel or similar source of power. Direct current is suitable for small devices or small consumers of electric power, and for bigger home systems the inverter is a must-have electrical equipment.

Circuit Breaker Panel – Another very popular and widely used piece of industrial electrical equipment is the circuit breaker panel. This device is actually an electrical panel which is used as the main distribution point for all electrical circuits in homes. Generally, it has the power to provide about 200 amps of electric power in your home or smaller facility. It consists of circuit breakers, with the main circuit breaker at the top or at the bottom, depending on the type of circuit breaker panel.

Power Plug – Power plugs are familiar to all, as any typical or industrial electrical equipment has one that connects it to the primary AC power supply. Usually, the power plug is putted into a power socket for a continuous power supply. There are many types of plugs and sockets and they differ in shape, size, voltage, etc. The power plug can be attached to any type of electrical equipment, while the socket is usually built in the walls. When plugging and unplugging, there is a high risk of electrical shocks, so they need to be well protected and isolated.