The Most Popular Forklift Brand In Australia

The first forklift truck was invented at the beginning of the 20th century. Few years later, the manufacturers began to use modern methods to create powerful and easy to maneuver trucks. The forklift trucks got their name after their fork-like prongs that go under the load. These prongs lift and transport the load from one place to another. Today, the forklift trucks are essential part of the modern industrial world. Thanks to the innovative technology, different brands design and produce forklift trucks with state of art features, incredible lifting capacity and modern design. From so many brands available on the market, the Toyota forklifts stand out the most.


The Toyota forklifts are described as safe, quiet, quick and powerful machines, capable to complete even the toughest material handling tasks. Thanks to the innovative ergonomic design and improved performance, the Toyota forklifts have set completely new standards in the industry world. Today, you will find a wide range of reliable, durable and battery electric counter-balance Toyota forklifts. What makes Toyota the most popular forklift brand in Australia, is the leading design and safety features which are included in every forklift. These models include automatic fork leveling control for efficient lift during loading, and a system for active stability which locks the rear axle to prevent potential tip-over.

The 8-series Toyota forklift trucks are designed to hold loads from 1.0 to 8.0 tonnes, providing optimum combustion and excellent performance. The Toyota forklifts are some of the most popular industrial vehicles in Australia, due to their ergonomic design, great controls, operator’s comfort, ease of getting in and out, and many other features that no other forklift has. So, if you want to increase your performance and work efficiency, then consider buying the Toyota forklift trucks. As the operation manager of White Group, Jay Thomas states: ” With Toyota you come to expect reliability and good resale value.”


Toyota design and produce its machines with the operators needs in mind. Their industrial design is quite comfortable and easy to drive even in narrow and tight warehouses. Toyota produces the most sustainable, safe, and fuel-efficient material handling equipment. The innovative design and configuration increases the power of the vehicle, and reduces the fuel consumption by 30% for the diesel models and 20% for the gasoline ones. Thanks to the unique robust engine design, hydraulic power steering, and high volume steering system, Toyota continues to be Australia’s number one forklift brand.