The Most Popular Fishing Hats

Fishing hats ensure comfort and protection. They help protect from the wind, sun, snow and rain. All that you have to know about the fishing hats is which one is the right choice for you and which one to use depending on the fishing season. Fishing hats are important for few reasons:

  • Fishing hats protect head from sun, especially if you have hair loss problems.
  • They keep head dry in rainy days.
  • Fishing hats help reduce the glare of the sun so you can see better into the water.
  • Keep the midges of your head.
  • If fly fishing then the fishing hats help protect you from catching your ear with a fly.

Straw Hat

When choosing a fishing hat there are few factors to consider before selecting one:

  • time of the year
  • weather conditions
  • planned duration of the fishing
  • midges.

Because choosing the right fishing hat can be very tricky, here are some of the most popular available.

Straw Hat – With a breathable straw, wide brim and drawstring, straw hat is ideal fishing accessory for hot, long summer days. Comfortable to wear and with the maximum sun protection. Because of the material, a straw hat is breathable and will keep your head dry in a rainy days. Straw hat is definitely No.1 choice of fishing hats for every professional and experienced angler.

Baseball Hats – These fishing hats are the simplest of all models, and are not the best choice for serious fishermen. Reasons? They can be blown off easily if windy. Also, most models are made of cotton, which means they absorb sweat. Moreover, if it rains, this hat will get wet easily and will stay wet for the whole day. Because they absorb the moisture, they are not the best choice for rainy days. Regardless of disadvantages, these fishing hats are still very popular among fishermen.

Up-Downer Baseball Hat – This style is a better option compared to the standard baseball hat. It has a roll-down to protect the neck area, an extended front that protects the face and a chin strap to secure it.

Traditional Wide Brimmed Caped Hat – These hats are what comes to mind when someone mentions fishing hats. They are ideal choice that combine a neck cape, wide brim, chin strap, floatation and lots of venting to keep a fisherman cool. These hats are ideal for traveling.

Booney Hat – There are many great booney hats you can find on the market. Most of them come in light colours not to absorb the heat and have a wide brim to keep the sun rays away. Some of the greatest versions of these fishing hats are made of waterproof synthetic material that is light and breathable.