Popular Financial Calculators

When it comes to estimating cash expenses, loan payments and other financial calculations important for running a successful business, an accountant should have at least one good financial calculator. These calculating digital devices feature more than just simple add, subtract, divide and multiply functions common for standard calculators. Financial calculator are extremely useful and work just like small computers. Some of the latest models even have graphing capabilities that allow accountants to store certain formulas inside the data drives or to calculate the future growth.

You can find different models, sizes and brands in office supply stores, or if looking for a good deal, you can buy financial calculators online. Before you buy financial calculators from a particular online retailer or brick-and-mortar store, it is advisable to consider different models and compare their functionality, restrictions and price. In order to help you, we have put together a list of the three most popular financial calculators.



HP 10BII is one of the most affordable financial calculators available on the market, used by many professors for basic accounting classes. Despite its low price, this calculator can easily compete with pricier models. It features all the functions of a financial calculator and is able to complete over 100 different math functions. It also has programs specially designed for bond valuations and bond yield. Moreover, HP 10BII is one of the few calculators allowed for exams. Therefore, if a student, before you buy financial calculators for school, consider this important fact.

HP 12c


The HP 12c financial calculator is more expensive than other popular financial calculators, but less expensive than the latest models. It is perfect for both students and professionals. This calculator features large numerical display screen, so it may take you time to to get used to it. When it comes to functionality, the HP 12c can perform more than 120 different finance and business functions. The best thing is that this financial calculator will allow you to program functions into the calculator.

Texas Instruments BAII Plus Professional


This affordable yet professional financial calculator has many extra features what makes it useful for classroom and professional needs. It is a little bit more expensive than the standard BAII Plus, but it is a great investment for anyone pursuing an accounting, economic or business career. The main difference (read improvements) in the BAII Plus Professional calculator are the advanced trigonometric and logarithmic functionality. The best thing about Texas Instruments BAII Plus Professional model is that it can be used for various certification exams.