The Most Popular Excavator Attachments

Construction works are significantly easier these days, thanks to the numerous excavator attachments available on the market. If you are looking for a powerful and mobile machine that can hold various attachments, then the excavator is the right machine for you. The excavators are powerful machines which are generally used for digging. However, when equipped with specific attachments, they are capable to do more than just the standard digging. With so many excavator attachments on the market, such as a breaker, grapple, or a bucket, the excavators can also be used for other purposes. Depending on the attachment which is being used, you can use your excavator for demolition, crushing cement, or other heavier construction or industrial tasks. If you want to maximize the performance of your excavator, then check the most popular excavator attachments listed below:




Heavy Duty Excavator Bucket – The heavy-duty excavator bucket is one of the most commonly used attachments. If you plan to use the excavator for complex or more demanding construction tasks, then the heavy duty excavator bucket is the right attachment. It is one of the most selling attachments these days, made of high quality abrasion-resistant material. The heavy duty bucket includes side cutters that are ideal for digging materials like soft gravel, dirt and soil.

Rock Bucket – If you plan to use the excavator for digging rocks and other similar hard materials, the excavator rock bucket will help you finish the job in the most efficient way. It is suitable for excavators that range in size from 14 to over 53 tonnes. What makes this tool different from the other excavator attachments, is the maximum durability and high efficiency. The possibilities for wear and tear are zero, since it is made of high abrasive material that prolongs the life of the bucket. What makes the rock excavator bucket different from the heavy duty bucket, is the upgraded cutting edge and teeth that increase the strength.

Heavy Duty Grading Bucket – Construction workers find the heavy duty grading bucket quite useful for loading and transporting dirt or soil. What makes this excavator attachment so special are the two web plates that provide additional strength and rigidity. Ideal for 14 to 20 ton excavator. Like the excavator attachments which are mentioned above, the heavy duty grading bucket is also covered with abrasion-resistant material that adds durability to the design. Compared with other buckets, the grading excavator bucket is quite slim and lightweight.