The Most Popular Ethernet Cable Connector


If you are looking for an affordable cable connector for you networking needs, then buy Rj45 cable connector. This type of cable connector is one of the most popular Ethernet cable connectors used to connect devices like computers, printers, DSL modems and other network storage devices. Primarily the Rj45 cable connector was used to connect telephone networks. These days computer technology went one step further, which made it possible to use that same telephone connection in order to transmit data from and to the modem. There are different types of RJ cables, but the most popular one is the RJ45 used for connecting multiple computers either among each other or to the Internet. If you are looking for a perfect cable connector for your home or office, then buy Rj45 cable connector.

If you plan to attach additional network devices, it is highly recommended you buy RJ45 cable connector. For example, if you have a laser printer connected with an Rj45, then everyone connected to your network will be able to print from that shared printer. Rj45 cables are far more affordable option than fiber optic or wireless technology. Instead of splurging money on wireless connections, buy RJ45 cable connecter and enjoy faster data transmission. When you decide to buy RJ45 cable connecter, keep in mind that there are two types:

  • a standard Rj45 cable (used for connecting computer to network router or modem to router)
  • a crossover Rj45 cable (used for connecting two computers directly without a router)

Both types look alike, and the only difference is the wiring in the cable’s plug. However, when you buy RJ45 cable connector make sure you properly crimp the ends of the cable. The male modular plug consists of 8 flat conductor contacts that need to go into the female socket in order to create electrical connections.

Also, another reason to buy Rj45 cable connector is if you plan to connect more devices to the same network. Since this cable connector is specifically designed to connect devices to the local area networks, you won’t have any future problems that might cause costly repairs. You will find other types of connectors that look like the RJ45 one, but the main difference between RJ11 and Rj45 is the size. Before you actually buy RJ45 cable connector, know the size you need and what you will use it for.