Popular and Essential Items to Pack in Your Ballet Dance Bag

Ballet is one of the oldest forms of dancing, however, it evokes a sense of timelessness which makes it compelling for all ages. Many little girls dream of becoming a ballerina one day, so if you have a little princess who is about to live her dream with her first ballet class, we can imagine the excitement in your home.

Ballet’s emphasis is on bringing out the aspiring dancer’s finesse, however, many things may hold your little one back from dancing to her full potential. One of the most important aspects of ballet dancing is the attire as the proper dress code makes it easier for the dancer to feel comfortable during every movement.

Furthermore, the proper dancewear also helps teachers to see the dancer’s body lines and alignment, helping them to correct the next steps. This is why equipping your little ballerina with the essential pieces of dancewear is important. But besides that, you should also make sure her dance bag always contains everything she’ll need to be safe, comfortable, and successful in her ballet classes, training sessions and auditions.

Dance Shoes

For every dance type, there are specific requirements for the proper shoes. Ballet dancing depends on your feet and legs to perform all the right movements, which is why having a comfy and quality pair of dance shoes packed in your bag at all times is essential. Especially for auditions, it is important to have various types of shoes. Besides your basic ballet slippers, ensure to pack shoes for all the specialty dance forms you might do, such as tap or pointe. You never know what type of dancing you’ll be asked to perform.

An Extra Dance Skirt, Tights, Leotard, and Warm-ups

In case of runs, tears, stains, or excessive sweating, you want your girl to have a backup pair of tights, a tutu, a clean leotard, and super comfy extra skirts to dance in. And as temperatures in studios and theatres are unpredictable and can vary widely, it is essential to have warm-up clothes she can layer on top and remove easily.

dance bag with extra dance wear and pointe shoes

Source: backstage.com

A Hairbrush, Elastic Ties, Pins, and Hairspray

Ballet dancers particularly need to be meticulous in having a neat hairstyle that will stay in place and not get in the way of their look or the execution of their movements. So, make sure to always have a hairbrush in your dance bag, some elastic ties and bobby pins in case you have a hair emergency that needs fixing as soon as possible. Plus, you might even save some of your fellow ballet dancers from having a bad hair day and be their hero – you can never know!

A Clean Towel

Regardless of the weather, be it cold or hot and whether they have to wear leggings or skirts to dance in, with all that dancing and focusing on proper moves execution, dancers sweat. Even more so when doing partner work. You’ll want to occasionally wipe the perspiration off your body. Plus, sweaty skin can be dangerous when doing lifts. You can also pack an extra clean towel that you can use after showering.

First Aid Kit

Just like your hair kit, it is also a good idea to keep a small, compact first aid kit in your dance bag. You can never be too prepared – just in case you injure yourself in class or need to prepare your toes for pointe shoes, you will know you have everything you need right there. In your first aid kit, you can include basic stuff such as band-aids and bandages/medical tape, nail clippers (to trim those long toenails), antibiotic ointment, hand sanitiser, and even pads or tampons.

first aid kit

Source: nextlevelurgentcare.com

Antiseptic wipes are also a good item to have for cleansing a minor cut or scrape or even your dirty hands, especially when it’s not really convenient for you to leave the studio or stage area. You never know when you might need any of these essentials, so make sure you have them at all times in your dance bag!

Makeup Bag

If you ever find yourself being stuck in rehearsals or auditions far longer than you have expected, you might want to re-touch your makeup for a fresher look. For that very reason, make sure to always have your makeup bag packed in your dance bag. Stock up on the essentials, such as foundation, blush, lipstick and mascara to be able to quickly repair smears and smudges.

A Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during long days of rehearsing or auditioning is essential and a reusable water bottle that can easily be refilled could be of great help. Make sure to never carry glass bottles in your dance bag though. In case they break, regardless of how well you think you’ve cleaned out your bag, tiny glass shards may still be in there. These could seriously hurt you if they got into your shoes or clothes.

water bottle in dance bag

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A Healthy Snack

Most dance nutritionists recommend eating small amounts of food periodically throughout the day. So, even more so on those days when you’re not sure when you will have a break and are not sure what the food options will be, it’s essential to have a healthy and nutritious snack in your dance bag. The most popular among ballet dancers are nuts and fruit.