The Most Popular Cranes Brands

Cranes are very important machines not only for the construction industry, but also for many other industry sectors. For that reason, there are many different types of cranes available which can be used for different applications. Usually, cranes consist of cables and pulleys that create a mechanical force which lifts and moves heavy loads. Some modern cranes use hydraulic systems and electrical motors that provide greater power and lifting capabilities. Cranes can be fixed to the ground, or can be portable and mounted on a specific vehicle. They are controlled by operator in the cabin within the crane or by radio controls.

The usage of cranes in the construction industry is important and very helpful because these machines are capable of lifting and moving heavy loads vertically and horizontally. Lifting by hands requires greater effort and is time consuming, plus the whole process of lifting and moving heavy loads is not efficient at all. This means that cranes play a vital role in the construction industry. But do you know which cranes brands are the most popular in the world? If not, read on to find out.



Liebherr is a privately owned German company, famous worldwide for its high quality and durable cranes. Its range of products is very diverse, but its best segment is undoubtedly the production of cranes. As a proof, Liebherr has won the award “Crane of The Year” four times and the last one was for its Liebherr MPT Crane. The first product of Liebherr was the TK10, a 9m tower crane. Today, Liebherr produces a range of mobile cranes, maritime cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes and other models of cranes for sale.


Hitachi Heavy Industries Construction Crane Company, or shortly known as HSC, was established in 2002. HSC is one of the most popular crane brands in the world that offers wheeled and crawler cranes. Crawler cranes provide better results because they deliver exceptional mobility and can be used for many applications. Since 2005, when HSC launched the UCX300, the all-terrain wheeled crane, the company marked a significant increase in its sales.


Manitowoc is another popular crane brand with a global presence on the market. It meets the requirements of all customers by producing four categories of cranes: mobile or telescopic cranes, boom-trucks cranes, tower cranes and boom-crawler cranes. Manitowoc offers advanced and innovative range of cranes available all around the world. As one of the most popular crane brand in the world, Manitowoc also offers full customer support services in all its headquarters in the world.


Hiab is a world known Swedish manufacturer of many types of cranes. Owned by Cargotec Corporation, Hiab provides various lifting and handling solutions for transport, distribution, forestry and many other applications. Hiab cranes are used all around the world and have the capability to improve the efficiency and productivity significantly.


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