The Most Popular CPAP Care Brands

Ssleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that is identified by continuous breathing pauses during sleep. Fortunately, there is a solution for this condition – the most famous and successful treatment called CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure. If you believe you have sleep apnea, contact your doctor. You will be prescribed the proper CPAP care machine that will provide continious air flow during sleep. This way you will no longer have breathing pauses and snoring problems and enjoy your healthy life. In order for the CPAP therapy to be successful, you will need to use the mask regularly.


With the constant improvement of the medicine and technology, nowadays you can benefit from many CPAP care manufacturers. The most popular CPAP care brands are: Respironics CPAP masks, Somnetics CPAP masks, Fisher And Paykel CPAP masks and of course the inevitable Philips CPAP masks.


  • Respironics – Respironics CPAP masks are the latest and best trend related to sleep apnea that can significantly increase your level of energy, improve your lifestyle and make you feel less fatigue. Respironics are perfect CPAP care products, which provide needed level of humidity and air temperature and ensure no mask leaks. In general, Respironics CPAP masks are equipped with SD card, adjustable head tubing, power cord, fine filter and many other features that can really improve your sleep apnea condition. Respisonics CPAP masks as the best and top sold products on the market as they are designed to provide OSA patients with convenience, comfort and deliver excellent results.


  • Somnetics – Somnetics Global PTE Ltd. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of one of the smallest CPAP care masks nowadays, called Somnetics CPAP masks. Somnetics CPAP masks are the world’s smallest, lightest and portable CPAP machines also known as Transcend. Because of their small size, advanced therapy, high quality and easy portability, Somnetics CPAP masks have become number one CPAP care products used. Even though Somnetics CPAP masks can fit in the palm of your hand or in your pocket, they do not differ from other CPAP care mask that are heavy and bulky. With the advanced CPAP therapy, Somnetics CPAP are in a position to provide you with the same or even better level of airway pressure.


  • Fisher And Paykel CPAP – Another great and very popular CPAP care brand is Fisher Paykel CPAP machine. Fisher And Paykel CPAP machines are designed to ensure patients with effective CPAP therapy, which delivers excellent results from the very beginning. Fisher Paykel CPAP machine is a product especially designed for patients with respiratory problems. Fisher And Paykel CPAP machines use new technology that allows automatic adjustment of the air pressure that can be changed throughout the night or between treatments ensuring high level of humidity and less condensation. This new technology called Ambient Tracking Plus technology used in every Fisher Paykel CPAP machine is adjusted when the temperature in the room changes. This means that if the room temperature drops, the heater plate temperature will adjust as well.


  • Philips CPAP – Philips CPAP products are especially designed to provide optimal CPAP therapy and to relieve the heavy breathing in all sleep apnea patients. Because comfort is the biggest problem with CPAP care products, Philips CPAP has special heated tube that can adjust the temperature of the air flow. Thanks to the high quality and control, all risks of leaks and water damage are minimized. The new, simple and innovative design of the Philips CPAP products with amazing features make them the most favorable CPAP care products nowadays.