The Most Popular Construction Machines

The construction industry relies heavily on using strong, durable and efficient construction equipment, suitable for a specific applications. From small handy devices to enormous construction machines, every construction need can be satisfied efficiently by using the right type of construction equipment. Today, there are different construction machines on the market, but not all are essential. Some construction machines are must-have, such as the crane, excavator, grader, the loaders etc. For easier recognition, the construction equipment is classified into several categories, such as excavation equipment, lifting equipment, mixing equipment, compaction equipment and maintenance equipment. Here are the most popular construction machines:

Wheeled Excavator – The wheeled excavator is one of the most versatile construction machines, especially popular among the operators who work on excavating applications on a daily basis. The wheeled excavator is consisted of a cabin for the operator, an articulated arm, and usually is equipped with a backhoe attachment. Mounted on wheels, the wheeled excavator can offer excellent capacity, outreach, hydraulics, horsepower and other beneficial features. Most wheeled excavator models are equipped with outriggers for increased stability during every operation.

The Most Popular Construction Machines

Soil Stabilizer – The soil stabilizer is used to prepare the land by mixing the existing pavement with lime on the surface. It is mounted on four wheels, featuring a steering axle at front and a drive axle at rear end. A metal drum with few blades and paddles is also included. For efficient operation, the soil stabilizer provides a considerable flotation and traction.

Grader – The grader is another popular machine which is used in many construction projects. The purpose of the grader is to provide a smooth surface before setting up a foundation for a building. It is equipped with a central blade and some models come with additional front blade. The rear axle is the drive axle, while the front axle is the steering axle. The grader is used in many fields, but most commonly for construction, earthworks and public works.

Telescopic Handler – Just like the excavator, soil stabilizer and the grader, the telescopic handler is another popular construction machine among the construction workers. The telescopic handler is extensively used in the agriculture and construction industry for handling loads at great heights. Featuring a telescopic boom that can be equipped with many attachments, it is very similar to a forklift, but it offers more advantages. The capacity of the telescopic handler depends on the height and speed of the operation.